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Luis Carrión: "We are a better team when we enjoy ourselves"

The Gaffer speaks to the gathered media at El Requexón

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Real Oviedo Head Coach Luis Carrión appeared in the Press Room this morning, ahead of Sunday's fixture against Real Zaragoza at the Carlos Tartiere. Los Azules are going into the final stage of the season in a good position, and the message remains the same. "It's always difficult to win matches, but we have to be better than our opponent. We have to enjoy what we are doing. We have to enjoy it with all the fans that come, and the consequence of our play has to be the three points. We are a better team when we enjoy ourselves."
The visitors go into the encounter in a completely different situation to Los Carbayones, but it will still be a difficult match. "Zaragoza bring the ball out well, Francés is good at bringing the ball out. They don't involve so many players in the construction of the play, but they have more up front. When they play with a diamond they get a lot of players forward. They have good players up top, but we will try to make them play our game. If we get a goal then they will have to press more. They create good chances in attack and have attacking players, but we will try to find spaces."
Regarding the excitement and how he is approaching the final stage of the season, Luis Carrión explained that "the excitement should be through the roof. I always say that there are three colours in the table, red, yellow, and green. We were in the red area. We have to keep going and let what happens be a consequence of what happens on the pitch. If we win then we always move on to focusing on winning the next match, because it could be crucial. When we lost against Tenerife two weeks ago we were crushed, but one week later we were back in there again. We have to put in a good performance."
In addition, the Gaffer also discussed specific players, after being asked about Borja Sánchez, Luismi, Seoane, Cazorla, and Pomares. "I have been happy with Pomares right since the first day. I am happy for him because his match against Huesca was thanks to him. He's known how to wait and keep working, and that's why I'm very happy with him. He's always been an example of hard work."

Aquí puedes ver la rueda de prensa completa de Luis Carrión en la sala de prensa de El Requexón: