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Carlos Tartiere Stadium Visits



Real Oviedo´s Museum is located on the ground floor of the Carlos Tartiere stadium, occupies more than 700 square meters and offers the opportunity to learn more about one of the clubs with the most history in Spanish football.

Real Oviedo museum visitors will be able to learn about the origins of football in Oviedo, as well as two of the most representative teams of the city in the first decades of the twentieth century. These two teams, Stadium and Deportivo, merged which resulted in the founding of Real Oviedo in 1926. Numerous images illustrate more than nine decades of the club's life; the years full of success, along with the years of struggle and fight for survival.

Albums, season ticket holders´ cards, match tickets and other objects from the past 20 years can be seen during a visit to the museum. In a special section, numerous books published on Real Oviedo from 1940 until today can be found. In addition, there is a place to honor Real Oviedo´s 16 players that played for the Spanish national team.

In the trophy room more than a hundred trophies can be seen, all of which have been won by Stadium, Deportivo and Real Oviedo, both in official competitions and in friendly tournaments. 


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