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Asociación de Peñas Azules del Real Oviedo



2003 was a complicated year for the club, and the administrative descent to the Third Division had consequences on a social level as well. The supporters azules came together to protect their Real Oviedo, forming the Associati Peñas Azules (FAPA) that had been steadily reducing in membership during the previous months.


This new association was directed in its earliest stages by a man from Laviana, Miguel Fernández, who, along with several other oviedistas (Real Oviedo supporters), worked diligently to keep the organization alive in the Third Division. Several years later, when the club was more stable, he was replaced by Aurelio Tocado, who was only in charge for a few months. In the 2007 elections, Hugo López came out on top, who was succeeded by Miguel Vicente Blanco, the preferred candidate of the 2014 elections.


Requests must be written and addressed to the president of the Association, with the following documents attached:

1.Document signed by the president of the Peña confirming that the group wishes to be associated with and comply with the statutes and policies of the Association

2.Association of Peñas Registration form filled out completely

3.Copy of the statues to be followed by the applicants




Ricardo Vázquez Prada S/NEstadio Carlos Tartiere

Puerta 0, Local L

33013 OVIEDO

Teléfonos:690 043 482



The following are some of the most impressive benefits of joining the Association:

1.Price discounts on trips organized by the Association to attend Real Oviedo games.

2.Two invitations to attend the end of season dinner, where “Oviedista of the Year” awards are announced.

3.Priority registration for the annual 7x7 tournament “Memorial Emilia García ´La Pixarra.´´

In order to organize the various activities that are organized throughout the season, the groups that form a part of the Association commit to fulfill the following requirements:

1.Make an annual payment of €90.

2.To sell an Association ticket book for the Lotería de Navidad (with 50 portions at a selling rate of €2.50  each).

3.Provide any information regarding changes in the group as punctually as possible..


Additionally, there is an unwritten rule that members of the peña should invite other groups in the Association to their inauguration, in the spirit of goodwill.


Organized trips

Tournament de Peñas

Herrerita Trophy



•Miguel Vicente Blanco | President

•Jaime  Campillo

•Nacho Suarez

•Víctor Manuel Sánchez

•Joana Fernández

•Adrián González

•Álvaro Ornia

•Álvaro Fernández

•Rubén Candás

•Víctor Felgueroso