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Luis Carrión: "There are many people with us on this ship"

The Gaffer speaks to the gathered media at El Requexón

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Prior to the last training session ahead of the match at Ipurúa, Real Oviedo Head Coach Luis Carrión appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón to speak to the gathered members of the media. When first asked about the first leg, the Coach stated that "it was a complete match despite there not being many chances. We lacked some boldness in the final metres. The second leg remains, and it will be somewhat different. Hopefully it will turn out well."
"Throughout the year, we have had all kinds of matches, that's what we work for. We played against opponents with a low block, and in other matches where we had to come from behind. The important thing tomorrow is the character of each player and not being afraid of anything. We are strong mentally," added Luis Carrión.
Regarding the presence of Jesús Martínez in the Asturian capital for this decisive stage of the season and the conversation they had yesterday during training, the Gaffer highlighted that "we were talking, I like talking about football with him because he also has his opinion. We were talking about things he would do, what I would do, normal things. We have talked a lot throughout the year, I have a good relationship with him, and I am happy to have met him."
"Another reason to fight is for all the people. We are not oblivious to all of this. We see it and we are proud. On this ship, where we are going to fight for something important, there are many of us, and that is a plus. The other day the atmosphere was incredible. What we will experience tomorrow will surely be incredible. We have a lot of people on our side pushing, and we are all going to be an important part to win tomorrow," concluded Luis Carrión regarding the importance of the Oviedistas.