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Proud of You


That bonding feeling widely known as ‘Proud of You’ was born in November 2012 during the period for the increase in share capital where Real Oviedo had its future at stake. Along the fortnight while this process was open, thousands of people from all over the world joined Real Oviedo fans and bought shares in the club. This phenomenon was a global trend that made  headlines in the mass media worldwide and ended up shaping Real Oviedo’s identity in a new way. Overnight, Real Oviedo had become a football club with thousands of supporters around the world.

In response to this spontaneous massive support from more than eighty countries, long-time Real Oviedo fans coined the term ‘proud of you’ to thank the new Oviedistas for giving their unconditional support to a team they hardly knew anything about before. The fans were grateful for the economic help as well as for the fact that those thousands of international supporters were able to understand that Real Oviedo is a distinct club, with a tragic history and, above all, a unique soul that was worth their love.

Once the increase in share capital process was over, and after the arrival Grupo Carso as the major shareholder, Real Oviedo supporters did not call it a day but carried on working to strengthen the ties with all those foreign members of the Real Oviedo family.

In April 2013 the first edition of Supporters’ Day was held in Oviedo with an attendance of more than one hundred and fifty fans from outside Asturias. That weekend -which included several talks, a football competition for supporters at El Requexón (the club’s training grounds), a guided tour of the city and a party before winning a home league game- was a real success as regards both participation and organization. Those days made it possible for Oviedistas from all over the world to come together and enjoy that special bonding their love for Real Oviedo had provided them with. Besides, in the pre-match ceremonies, Carlos Tartiere Stadium’s Gate 19 was opened in homage to them, unveiling several display panels about everything that had happened in that magic November 2012 and a beautifully decorated corner about the concept ‘Global Oviedo’.

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