Official Statement

The club has today begun a new capital increase campaign, with a total of €3,038,853.00 worth of shares available for purchase, each priced at €10.75


08/05/2020 00:00

*Acting in accordance with article 304,305, 297.b) and 311.1 of the Law on Corporations (Ley de Sociedades de Capital), with the powers granted to them in the REAL OVIEDO, S.A.D. Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on 20th December 2017, the Board of Directors in its meeting held on 4th May 2020 agreed upon a new capital increase campaign, as detailed below:*
*The capital increase will raise the club's share capital by €3,038,853.00 through the creation and introduction into circulation of 282,684 new nominative shares, each with a nominal value of €10.75.  Each share has the same emission value as its nominal value. These new shares are of the same class and series, and possess the same rights as those currently in circulation and are numbered from 1,766,188 to 2,048,871.  Current shareholders will have a priority purchase period in proportion to the
nominal value of those they currently possess, being able to claim one new share for every 6.247919939 shares they currently own.*
*The priority-purchase period is set at one month following the publication of the advertisement of the new shares in the BORME (Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry).  To exercise the preferential subscription right, the total amount corresponding to the shares to be purchased must be paid into the account held by the Club in "La Caixa" Bank (Account Number: ES94-2100-5700-0502-0008-2078), indicating the details of the shareholder who is subscribing, as well as the number of shares he/she wishes to purchase. *
*In the event that not all current shareholders exercise their preferential subscription rights within the aforementioned period, the Board of Directors may accept offers to purchase the remaining shares by third parties, irrespective of whether or not they are current shareholders. In this case, the Board of Directors will have a maximum term of one month from the end of the period of the preferential purchase period to freely allocate the remaining shares.*
*If the full amount of the capital increase campaign is not taken up during the designated period, the club expressly admits the right to an incomplete increase, which would leave a capital increase of the amount raised through subscriptions made, and cancel those shares which had not been purchased.*
*Once the agreement of the capital increase has been put in place, the administrators will have to give a new draft of the corporate statutes, in order that they reflect the new figure for the share capital.*
*Oviedo, 4th May 2020*
*Manuel Paredes González*
*Acting President of the Board of Directors.*