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We Are Made With Unbreakable Blue

Tickets for adults starting at 199 €, maintaining the same price from last year for the sections seen on TV, renewals, and memberships online

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Above all, and before everything else, there is something that unites us. There is something that makes us unbreakable. They defend our colors. And we, we defend our badge. Together we can be invincible again. We are made with #UNBREAKABLEBLUE.

The 2017-2018 season ticket holder campaign was presented this afternoon and begins tomorrow, Tuesday, 25 July. With changes to the prices and zones from the previous season, and the option to purchase season tickets online, Real Oviedo fans will be fundamental in each home game the team plays. Your presence, your support, and your unique way of living football, hand in hand with our one-of-a-kind feelings, will make us unbreakable this season. We want our stadium to look like the stage of an extraordinary event during each game at the Carlos Tartiere. As such, Oviedistas will have access to zones with prices that remain the same, and are more affordable in the Fondo Norte (North End), to be able to show the world, through the television, our unique way of understanding football. Because for us, football isn’t football if it’s not with Real Oviedo. For this reason, the club will gift 10,000 scarfs to the first 10,000 individuals who purchase season tickets. They are wool scarfs, designed especially for this campaign, and each time they are waved in the Carlos Tartiere they will make us a little more “unbreakable”, and more blue than ever!

Another development that will take place is the option to purchase or renew memberships online, through, starting tomorrow at 10:00. There is also the possibility of financing the memberships in 3, 6, or 9 installments.

In addition to the new Fondo Norte, where prices fluctuate between 99 and 199 euros, fans will be able to sit in the sections seen on television at the same rate as last season. The rest of the zones in the stadium will be sold at the same prices as last season, with the exception of the Tribuna Presidencial, Hererrita, and Anillo Azul Oeste, which are the only zones with price increases due to being outside of the sections seen on television.

The prices, divided by zone and category, are explained in the following chart:

Within the price of a season ticket, and for the first time, free entrance for season ticket holders to all the youth academy games will be included. As a result, the “El Requexón” season ticket will cease to exist.

As a reminder, season tickets for babies will not have rights to a seat. Handicapped and retired sections remain the same, as well as the conditions to access a season ticket for unemployed individuals.  The “Abono Simpatizante” (Supporter’s Card) will continue to be sold for €30 with a ticket included to access any LaLiga123 game, except Club Day.

The price of tickets from the box office during the 2017-2018 season will be between €15 and €25 (for those below 18 and general public, respectively).

The Real Oviedo season ticket holder campaign will kick off tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10:00 on the bottom floor of the Centro Comercial MODOO, next to Real Oviedo’s official store. The offices at the Carlos Tartiere will only sell season tickets for the Fondo Norte. The availability of these tickets, with priority given to those who have previously registered, will be communicated at a future date since it depends on a procedure corresponding to La Liga.

You will be able to access season tickets online through, beginning at 10:00 through a link that will be available HERE. The documentation necessary to complete the procedure should be sent to

Season ticket financing will continue to be provided, just as it was in the previous season, through Caixa Bank. Financing can be done in 3, 6, or 9 installments. The documentation necessary to finance season tickets without interest is the following:

- Clients of “Caixa Bank” (financing up to €10.000): photocopy of national identification document + number of card or Caixa Bank bank book 

-  General season ticket holders (financing up to €700): photocopy of national identification document  + automatic bill pay via any bank

Financing made in the last year will not need the same procedures as the previous season, with better flexibility in the financing process.


For logistical reasons, seat changes will not be available until 25 September. Seat will be held until 20 September.

Direct bill pay will be managed between the club and the bank as usual. Season ticket holders who wish to cancel direct billing should call 985215300.

For more information and to withdraw a season ticket, there are authorized service points for season ticket holders on the bottom floor of the Centro Comercial MODOO, open from 10:00 to 22:00, Monday to Friday.

All the details of the 2017-18 Season Ticket Holder Campaign: UNBREAKABLE BLUE CAMPAIGN INFORMATION (in Spanish)



Where can I become a Real Oviedo season ticket holder?

You can withdraw your season ticket card in our authorized service points for season ticket holders on the bottom floor of the Centro Comercial MODOO, open from 10:00 to 22:00, Monday to Friday. In the case of the season ticket holders in the “Fondo Norte”, season tickets must be taken out (timeline will be announced) at the Real Oviedo offices at the Carlos Tartiere, open from 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:30 to19:00.


What documentation do I need to become a season ticket holder?

An original or copy of the national identification document of the new season ticket holder. The season ticket holder doesn’t need to come in person.

If the season ticket holder is under age or doesn’t have any form of national identification/passport, further documentation must be provided.

For those who plan on purchasing a “Senior Citizens” card, you must be older than 65 years and present documentation indicating that you are receiving pension. Those who wish to purchase “Handicapped” cards, you will need to show an original national identification document and a certificate indicating your level of disability, which must be greater than 65%.

For “Unemployed” cards, you must show that you have been unemployed for a minimum of two years.


Can I pay for my season ticket in several installments?

Yes, in three, six, or nine months.


Do I need to be a client of Caixa Bank to finance my card?

No, you do not.


What documentation should I show to finance my season ticket?

It depends on the total cost of season tickets to be financed and if the financing process was completed last season, in which case it will be easier.

If you are a client of Caixa Bank, you can finance up to €10.000 and must provide a photocopy of your national identification document + Caixa Bank card number or check number

If you are not a client of Caixa Bank and you would like to finance your season tickets for more than €600: photocopy of national identification number + last paycheck, pension or Social Security pension card + bill pay from any bank

If you are not a client of Caixa Bank and you want to finance up to €600:photocopy of national identification number + bill pay from any bank


Can I order my season ticket online?

Yes, both new season tickets and renewed season tickets (you should include any required documentation in each section as indicated) can be completed online. The link will be available Tuesday, 25 July at 10:00 through HERE.

Are season tickets sent to my address?

Yes, season tickets are sent to everyone who is not a resident of Asturias, at no additional cost.


Will shareholders with more than 50 shares still be given discounts?

Yes, discounts for individuals with 50 or more shares will still be given.

What are the conditions to belong to each category?

- Unemployed: Confirm situation. At least 2 years unemployed

- Retired: Confirm situation. Older than 65 years old, receiving pension.
- Under 25: Born after 01/07/1992
- Children: Born after 01/07/2003
- Baby: Born after 01/07/2013
- Handicapped persons: Confirm situation. At least 65% handicapped.