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17,601 Oviedistas Remaining So Far

The exceptional support of our season-ticket holders allows us to maintain our social mass, in what is a season of historic challenges for the club

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Everything is changing, but the Oviedistas are remaining. With the 2020/21 season-ticket campaign having got underway more than a month ago, 17,601 season-ticket holders have now shown their unconditional backing for our club, in a season of unprecedented difficulties. For comparison, we had 18,040 season ticket holders during the 2019/20 season.
The 8th September saw the presentation of the most unusual season-ticket campaign in our history. In the midst of the pandemic which has hit our society hard, and with the unanswered question as to when our fans will be able to return to the NMR Carlos Tartiere, the club would like to express its deepest gratitude to all of our fans. This is a season-ticket campaign with options adapted to all the possible circumstances, and the response of the Oviedistas has been spectacular.
The 8th October saw the launch of the online platform <>. This site allows fans to carry out their season-ticket renewal and choose their
preferred options online. Oviedistas were also given the option, with every possible safety precaution in place, of purchasing their pass in person from the club offices. Days later, fans were able to begin to collect a special gift box, commemorative flag and official shirt from the official club stores. Since the beginning of the campaign, thousands of season-ticket passes have been sent to homes, while each and every one of our season-ticket holders received a letter explaining all of the options available to them. Our very best efforts were also made to respond to the hundreds of phone calls and emails that arrived at our club offices at the NMR Carlos Tartiere and the official stores.
As such, *at the time of writing*, the statistics for the campaign are as follows:
Real Oviedo has a total of 17,061 season-ticket holders, divided as follows:
A) 4,995 season-ticket holders with the *FULL SEASON TICKET* (of which, a total of 624 have requested to pay the full price for their season ticket, without the discount they were entitled to).
B) 1,932 season-ticket holders with the *BASE SEASON TICKET, who have supplied their IBAN number* (granting authorisation to be charged the corresponding percentage for the matches which the health situation allows them to attend at the NMR Carlos Tartiere).
C) 10,674 season-ticket holders with the *BASE SEASON TICKET, without IBAN number* (who will be able to enjoy six matches at the NMR Carlos Tartiere once entry is possible and there is room within the permitted capacity).
In addition, Real Oviedo has refunded the corresponding 28.5% for matches not attended last season to a total of 551 season-ticket holders, who requested the reimbursement. It is also worth highlighting that there is a total of 113 new season-ticket holders so far this season.
The season-ticket campaign will remain active through the online platform until 26th November. Season-ticket holders who are yet to carry out any transaction can choose between the three options available: full season ticket, base season ticket with IBAN, and base season ticket. In the event of no transaction being carried out, nor the 28.5% refund for last season being requested, the club will send the base season ticket to fans' homes once the online platform for the club's season-ticket campaign is closed. Just as promised from the start, this will be free of charge to the season-ticket holder.
We will, of course, also continue to respond to queries and doubts, and offer our help with any transaction, through the telephone number (+34) 985215300 or at
Once more, we would like to say: THANK YOU, ALWAYS, Oviedistas.