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Anquela: “We need to compete and go out there to win”

The Coach warns that “we must be ready for the battle”, and declares his pride that “my lads have worked hard and competed in every match”

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Real Oviedo Head Coach, Juan Antonio Anquela, appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón, after the team trained behind closed doors.

With respect to the players available for the match at La Romareda, the Coach reassured that, “everyone has trained today and there were no problems.” Furthermore, when asked whether he would be able to call upon Ramon Folch for the fixture, the Coach declared, “Ramon is fine. He had a knock and we had to look after him. He’s played every minute and we need to be cautious. We will have him available for the Zaragoza match.”

Looking ahead to the weekend’s clash, the Carbayón Coach stated that, “we have competed everywhere. We have won some and lost some, but we have always competed. Zaragoza are a good team, built for promotion. However, we are going there for the victory, like we always do. That’s how it will be. We need to stay calm and together. I’ve never fooled anyone, and we mustn’t get confused about things. I always said that this would be difficult. We need to be at our best to win and keep doing things well over a long period of time.”

Regarding his words following the Albacete match, in which he referred to a need to take a step further forward on the pitch to achieve the victory, Juan Antonio Anquela clarified that, “it was a way of saying that we didn’t go out as strongly as necessary. If we think we can beat anyone on name alone and without working, that’s wrong. We need to play well and not forget about the work involved. Name doesn’t get you anywhere, it’s the players that take you places. My lads have worked hard and competed. I am proud of them. We are on a good run, and we are two points off both Heaven and Hell. We must be ready for the battle. We need to show the necessary strength and know what needs to be done at all times.”

Asked about the remainder of the season and how the group goes into the upcoming period, the Coach commented that, “I would ask you what you think. Our way of thinking is the same as it was on the first day. We want to win every match, just like always. I’m not going to pretend or make up stories. I’m interested in the day-to-day work, competing, and going out to win. We have never misled anyone. This is very difficult. We are clear about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. We aren’t making excuses, and we are capable of competing with anybody.”

Following the defeat in Cádiz and last weekend’s home draw, the Coach warned that, “a fortnight ago everyone said we were amazing and going for the Champions League! We went to Cádiz and lost undeservedly, and then everyone thought we would beat Albacete without problems, and it’s not like that. I can’t believe it. I am getting tired of repeating myself and you have it very wrong (if you think it will be easy). You have to respect everyone, while knowing what our strengths are and how we got here. We have suffered like dogs; running and working. We didn’t crumple in Vallecas nor in Huesca. We’ve not won the last couple, but we will keep going on the same track. I never complain about anything. We haven’t been given anything, but if the smallest thing happens, people say we have problems. The lads give everything in every match and compete as I want them to.”

Regarding the next opponent, Zaragoza, and the atmosphere he expects to find at la Romareda, Juan Antonio Anquela highlighted that, “it’s a Primera division side that is only in the Second Division due to circumstance. They are one of the biggest clubs in Spain. They are suffering like all of us, but I am expecting to see a very good football team. We need to keep competing and working; there is no other option.”

Finally, talking about the difference between playing at home and playing away, the Coach believes, “it’s obviously different away. We have won less points away, but we go into matches in the same way. We need to take a small step forward. It won’t be easy in Zaragoza, but we are going to give absolutely everything. I have no doubts at all about that. I have a team I would fight to the death with. We are clear about who we are and where we are going,” he concluded.