Bolo: "Humility and ambition"

The new Head Coach is approaching his first match at the Carlos Tartiere, against Andorra


13/08/2022 09:58

Real Oviedo Head Coach Jon Pérez Bolo this morning evaluated the state of his team and his feelings ahead of the first match of the season, which will see the team face Andorra this Monday at the Carlos Tartiere.
Following several weeks of hard work, Bolo reasoned that "we have done a good preseason but still have a lot to improve on. We all have to get to know each other, but I am happy. There is a lot of willingness and hunger to work. We've taken a lot of steps forward. We still have a lot more steps to take, but we have to take it little by little."
The Coach has his first starting eleven clear in his head, and is expecting "just as hard a season as previous ones, with great evenness. The teams that are coming down are expected to dominate, but those that do things well will move closer to achieving results and objectives."
Regarding his team and his set-up, the Gaffer explained that "every match is a battle and our work is about trying to surprise our opponent. We won't stick to just one script, we will see what we do during the season."
Asked about the excitement surrounding the team and the added pressure that demands for results might bring, Bolo said that "football is about pressure, passion and hope. We will try to win on Monday, with a lot of humility but without avoiding being ambitious. Our fans have to give us a boost. You can see the effort the new owners are making, the number of season tickets being bought, and the affection we are receiving. It has to help us to grow. We represent a lot of people, who are very excited. We have to make them proud of what they see on the pitch."