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Registration Closed

The pre-registration period for season-ticket holders for the possible return to the Tartiere came to an end at midnight

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Midnight last night saw the end of the pre-registration period for 2020/21 season-ticket holders to register their interest in returning to the NMR Carlos Tartiere on Monday 24th May. This application is dependent upon the relevant authorities granting permission for fans to return to our home stadium.
Full season-ticket holders were given an initial priority period of 72 hours to register their interest, while basic season-ticket holders were then given a further 12 hours to sign up (given that the maximum permitted capacity had not been filled up by full season-ticket holders). More than 4,000 people have registered in total. These requests are being checked against our season-ticket holder database today. The applications include individual adult season-ticket holders, individual teenagers aged between 14 and 17 (with parental/guardian permission), as well as adults accompanied by up to three children under the age of 14.
In principle, the health authorities should provide an update on the health situation in the Region of Asturias tomorrow (Thursday), which will provide information as to which Phase of Alert Asturias currently finds itself in. Real Oviedo continues to work towards putting the return of fans to the NMR Carlos Tartiere into action, or cancelling the plan, in accordance with this update. All pre-registered season-ticket holders will be informed of the necessary next steps following the statement from the health authorities.