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2021/22 Season-Ticket Campaign: The Return

The campaign features a three-season discount for full season-ticket holders from last year, and is adapted to a scenario which allows for a high percentage of fans in attendance at the Carlos Tartiere

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Last year's season-ticket campaign was a success, thanks to the unflinching support of our fans. In light of the scenario put to us by the authorities which will see a large percentage of the Carlos Tartiere allowed to be used, the club has decided to opt for a similar manner to reward the backing we have received during our most difficult year, when we weren't allowed to have Oviedistas in the stands. The 2021/22 Real Oviedo season-ticket campaign has the best title for Oviedistas. RETURNS which give you LIFE. And for us, life is what we feel when we see you RETURN.
We want every one of our season-ticket holders to feel the gratitude of the club, and for them to be able to enjoy a long-term discount, which they will be able to start benefiting from during this coming season. The criteria readjusts itself to enable an even bigger attendance in the current circumstances, and includes an added discount if you renew your season ticket before LaLiga kicks off... and all of it within a 'secure' scenario, in the context of the uncertainty which we have all got used to living in. Real Oviedo has worked on the final decision for our season-ticket campaign until the moment in which we received a clear route map from the authorities at the Government of the Principality of Asturias.
The Government of the Principality of Asturias has sole responsibility for deciding the permitted capacity for the current season at the Carlos Tartiere. The club has waited to confirm the percentages of the capacity permitted inside our stadium with the aforementioned authorities, in accordance with the evolution of the pandemic, and subsequently can present the following options.
Plans for Possible Scenarios
Opening with Limited Capacity, in accordance with the Level of Alert in Asturias  
This is the event that we will start the season with. It will be conditioned by the evolution of the pandemic and the different parameters used to determine the levels of alert, and, as such, the level which our region is in at each moment. If the situations remains between Levels 1 and 2, then the percentage of capacity could be between 50% and 75%.
In this situation, the renewal preference criteria which we explain later will be adopted. Full season-ticket holders from last year will have preference over Base season-ticket holders. Within each of those categories, preference will be decided according the order of renewal. We will try to offer, as much as possible in accordance within the measures put in place by the authorities, seating as close as possible to your normal seat/area in the Carlos Tartiere.
Full Opening, Absolute Normality
This would be the most similar situation to the normality we had before Covid-19. There would be no limitations to access nor to capacity, nor safety distances. There would be no conditions or preference in place in terms of access to the stadium, be it with season ticket or with individual match tickets. Nevertheless, attendees will have to comply with the authorities' rules at all times (use of masks, hand washing, etc).
Complete Stadium Closure
This is a scenario that we do not want to even imagine, but which we must consider, even if it is as a remote possibility, in order to provide our season-ticket holders with all the information in advance. In that situation, which we hope is an unlikely one, we would not be able to offer access to any season-ticket holders.
The design of our 2021/22 season-ticket campaign offers two types of situations, according to the decisions which our season-ticket holders took last year.
Our fans were given two options to choose between for the 2020/21 season, in what was a difficult moment of uncertainty when we didn't know what was going to happen. When last year's season-ticket campaign was launched, fans were given two options with multiple advantages, which went beyond being allowed entry into the Carlos Tartiere, but which did not allow for the possibility of refunds in the event of fans not being permitted into the ground. Despite that, thousands of Oviedistas offered their unflinching backing, opting for the full season ticket. As such, when it comes to renewing for this season, they will receive a series of additional benefits. Base season-ticket holders last year renewed their season tickets free of charge, while also giving up their right to refund for the games they were unable to attend at the end of the 2019/20 campaign.
Therefore, bearing in mind the options chosen last season, when renewing for the current season you will enjoy the following advantages.
...and you renew before the 13th August, you will enjoy free entry in Copa del Rey matches.10% discount in official club shops.Free home delivery of season-ticket passes when bought via direct debit or renewed online before 6th August (or physical delivery of the pass to established collection points).
...and you renew before 13th August, you will receive a 15% discount on the price of your season ticket (dependent on price category)*.
If you renew after 13th August, you will receive a 10% discount on the price of your season ticket (dependent on price category)*.
If you renew before 13th August, and we remain in LaLiga SmartBank for the following season, the price for the following season will be frozen.
Priority access to the Carlos Tartiere in the event of reduced stadium capacity.
Free entry to Copa del Rey matches.
Free entry to playoff matches (in the event of qualifying for them).
10% discount in official club shops.Envío a domicilio del carnet en abonos domiciliados o renovados online hasta el 6 de agosto (o entrega física del mismo en los puntos de recogida establecidos). Free home delivery of season-ticket passes when bought via direct debit or renewed online before 6th August (or physical delivery of the pass to established collection points).
*Prices frozen with respect to the 2019/20 season.
*Baby price category is excluded.
The club announced at the start of last season's season-ticket campaign that, no matter which option our supporters chose, no type of refunds would be made. However, as a show of gratitude, Real Oviedo would like to reward the support of all full season-ticket holders from last season, who are once again demonstrating their loyalty to the club. We are going to offer them a guaranteed discount of 10% on the price of their season ticket for the current and next two seasons.
The minimum number of members necessary to purchase the family season ticket has been reduced from four to three people, with two of them needing to be adults.Unemployment season ticket. In order to select this season ticket, it will still be necessary to have been unemployed for a minimum of six consecutive months (and necessary to provide evidence of having been unemployed for those six months).
The Retired Person's season ticket is available to pensioners aged 65 or over, as well as those with permanent and absolute disabilities (greater than 65%).
Real Oviedo season-ticket holders in the Fondo Norte area of the ground, with specific and unique access conditions compared to the remainder of the stadium, will see the same percentage of access and rules as the rest of the spectators, but will only be located in the Fondo Norte. Fans from this section will not be relocated to other areas of the stadium, nor will fans from other areas of the Carlos Tartiere be placed in their section.
From now, our season-ticket holders have THIS FORM[] available to carry out the following actions:
If your season-ticket is now paid by direct debit and you wish to continue in that way, it is not necessary to do anything on the form. The charge of the season ticket will be made (in time for you to benefit from discounts and advantages in the case of complete season-ticket holders from last season), and the pass will be sent to your home. If you wish to claim the season ticket in person but still renew with direct debit, complete the form and mark the corresponding box.If your season ticket is already being paid by direct debit, but you wish to update your contact details (address, IBAN account number, etc), complete the full form.
If your season ticket is paid for by direct debit, but you wish to manage the renewal in a way which differs from the norm, contact us at[] or (+34) 985215300.
For one week (until 2nd August) this form will be the only option available for renewals. From 2nd August onwards, renewals will also be possible in person. In the case of season tickets paid for by direct debit, the pass will be sent by standard delivery, to the address we have registered in our database, or to an address made available to us (only applicable to direct debit renewals made before 6th August).
Season tickets can be renewed in person from 2nd August onwards, although we ask all of our season-ticket holders to avoid this option where possible, for the safety of everyone. It will be possible to do so at the following customer service points:
Carlos Tartiere (offices or ticket booths)Official Club Shop at C/Caveda 22
In addition, two channels (telephone and email) will be made available to respond to the doubts and needs of all Oviedistas:[] and 985215300.
When this first renewal period is over, on 9th August the period for new season-ticket holders will open. It will also still be possible to renew after this point. We remind you that priority access to the stadium in the event of reduced capacity will be determined by the order of renewal, with extra priority for last season's full season-ticket holders.
In accordance with all legal and health guidance provided by the governing authorities (at this time only the Government of the Principality of Asturias) we will match the percentages of capacity established by the Level of Health Alert in our region, with these criteria and priorities:
Group A
Priority access for FULL SEASON-TICKET HOLDERS from last season, independently of whether it was a higher or lower-priced pass. Within the FULL SEASON-TICKET HOLDERS from last season, priority will be determined by the order of renewal for the coming season.
Grupo B
BASE SEASON-TICKET HOLDERS from last season. Within the BASE SEASON-TICKET HOLDERS from last season, priority will be determined by the order of renewal for the coming season.
Will I be able to access the stadium with my group of friends or living companions?
Yes, although we must bear in mind that the exact location may not be that of your season ticket, or that which you sat in prior to COVID19. The club has reached an agreement with an important platform, which will allow all season-ticket holders to choose with which group of family members or friends they wish to attend each match with, right from the first fixture of the season. This is all, however, dependent on whether the governing bodies and the health situation allow for groups to sit together.