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Guidelines for the Return to the NMR Carlos Tartiere

The club has outlined its strategy in preparation for the possible return of our fans on Monday 24th May, subject to the permission of the relevant authorities

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The Spanish Government this week communicated the decision to allow fans to enter stadiums in LaLiga when a region's level of Epidemiological Alert is at Phase 1. As a precaution, in case the health situation allows the Principality of Asturias to pass from Phase 2 to Phase 1, Real Oviedo has now designed operating guidelines to allow its fans to return to the NMR Carlos Tartiere with the highest-possible safety guarantees.
As such, in accordance with the criteria communicated by the Ministry of Health which dictate a maximum of 5,000 fans in the stadium, a pre-registration system has been put in place. Priority will be given to those Real Oviedo fans with *full season tickets* (as was explained in the 2020/21 season-ticket campaign)*.* These fans who wish to attend the match on Monday 24th May, in the event of the health conditions in the region permitting it, must be *adults of legal age. *The update on the health alert level takes place on a weekly basis, and is scheduled to be provided on Thursday 20th May.
Fans of legal age and with full season tickets, who wish to attend the NMR Carlos Tartiere on Monday 24th May in the event of the health authorities permitting it, MUST COMPLETE THEIR PRE-REGISTRATION through this FORM. The form will be available to complete until 12:00 on Tuesday 28th May. The pre-registration form includes all of the conditions which must be respected upon accessing the stadium and once inside the ground. It is compulsory that these conditions, which follow the protocol designed by LaLiga and approved by the Spanish Sports Council (CSD), are fulfilled.
Given the exceptional circumstances and the seating criteria, every single one of the fans who attend the NMR Carlos Tartiere will have to sit individually and with a safety distance between seats. We inform season-ticket holders that their normal seat WILL NOT CORRESPOND with the seat they are assigned exceptionally for the Real Oviedo v CD Mirandés match.
A piece of software provided by LaLiga has been used to design the return of fans to the NMR Carlos Tartiere. This software allocates fans in the stadium according to the criteria of the available zones and ensures the safety distance between fans (1.5m). The Anillo Azul Oeste and the Tribuna Herrerita (area closed for the use of the benches and people participating in matchday) are closed off, as specified by the regulations of the CSD and LaLiga. Upon taking these criteria into account, the system offers us a total capacity of *4,427 fans*. Season-ticket holders in the aforementioned areas of the ground who complete the pre-registration form, will be assigned a seat in the available stands in the same way as the rest of the
Oviedistas. This seat will not be their usual seat, as previously explained.
If the number of full season-ticket holders completing the pre-registration form exceeds the maximum permitted capacity, priority for access will be decided according to when the season tickets were renewed, as was explained at the start of the 2020/21 season-ticket campaign.
In the event of the pre-registration of fans with full season tickets NOTfilling the maximum permitted capacity, the club will begin a new pre-registration period for other season-ticket holders, in accordance with
the access priority guidelines outlined in the 2020/21 season-ticket campaign. This said period would be announced before getting underway, but is provisionally scheduled to be from 12:00-23:59 on Tuesday 18th May.
As explained previously, in the event of the health authorities announcing that the Principality of Asturias has passed from Phase 2 to Phase 1 on Thursday 20th May, Real Oviedo will activate the following system for the return of its fans to the NMR Carlos Tartiere, with the pre-registration period now finished:
- Given that the Protocol for the return of fans explicitly prohibits the sale of physical tickets, season-ticket holders who have completed the pre-registration process explained above would receive their ticket and all the information for entering the stadium in the days prior to the match via email (using the email provided when completing the pre-registration process).
- As previously explained, the ticket assigned to each season-ticket holder who has completed the pre-registration process WILL NOT CORRESPOND with their normal season-ticket seat. Each season-ticket holder will find out their zone and assigned seat for the match on the ticket they receive via email.
The following information will be provided to season-ticket holders within the emails:
Name and surname(s) of season-ticket holder.
ID Number.
Timeslot to access the stadium.
Gate to enter the stadium.
Stand, row and seat.
Normal legal regulations.
Oviedista ID.
Additional Information:
Stadium map.
Fan code of conduct.
Additional information for fans.
*Important: It will be necessary for each season-ticket holder to present a physical copy of their ID and have the match ticket checked alongside the identification document.
In the event of the health authorities announcing that the Principality of Asturias has passed from Phase 2 to Phase 1 on Thursday 20th May, Real Oviedo would activate the following Matchday Access Procedure at the NMR Carlos Tartiere on Monday 24th May:
1. - Preparation prior to entry into the stadium: the fan will be provided with all of the information and a code of conduct along with the ticket. This code of conduct must be followed throughout entry into the stadium and at all times while inside the ground.
2. - 22 gates will be opened to allow access into all of the stands in use, with staggered entry times. Each season-ticket holder's match ticket will include a fixed entry timeslot, which must be complied with.
The match will kick off at 21:00 on Monday 24th May and the following entry times will be in force:
Free entry: 19:30-20:00 (fans who wish to enter prior to their fixed entry time will be able to do so).
Timeslot I: 20:00-20:20.
Timeslot II: 20:20-20:40.
Timeslot III: 20:40-21:00.
The documents which will be provided to season-ticket holders prior to accessing the NMR Carlos Tartiere can be consulted below. They explain the compulsory regulations marked out by the protocol for the return of fans to stadiums, as established by the CSD and LaLiga.