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Contractual situation of the team

The club continue preparations for next season and work with those interested in the renewal or termination of current contracts

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With the end of the official season and contractual situations as of June 30th, Real Oviedo have released the current state of the roster with regard to the upcoming season as follows (in order of uniform number):

ALFONSO: Contract current.
JOHANNESSON: Contract current.
VARELA: Contract ends June 30, 2018.
VERDÉS: Contract current.
FORLÍN: Contract current.
CARLOS HERNÁNDEZ: Contract current.
AARÓN ÑÍGUEZ: Contract current.
RAMÓN FOLCH: Contract current.
TOCHÉ: Contract current.
LINARES: Contract ends June 30, 2018.
PUCKO: Contract current.
JUAN CARLOS: Contract ends June 30, 2018.
YEBOAH: Contract ends June 30, 2018 (loan from Manchester City).
MARIGA: Contract ends June 30, 2018.
FABBRINI: Contract ends June 30, 2018 (loan from Birminghan City).
PATRIK HIDI: Contract current.
CHRISTIAN FERNÁNDEZ: Contract ends June 30, 2018.
VALENTINI: Contract current.
COTUGNO: Contract current.
SAÚL BERJÓN: Contract current.
DAVID ROCHA: Contract current.
MOSSA: Contract current.
OLMES: Contract ends June 30, 2018 (loan from América de Cali).

The contractual situation of the team, for both players whose contract end as well as those whose contracts are current, is not definitive and is being evaluated by the club for the definitive configuration of the first team for the 2018/19 season. The club work on the cases of current contracts that they are interested in renewing or terminating, which will be announced once agreements are reached.