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A Date to Remember

Today (17th November), Real Oviedo joins its fans in celebrating the fifth anniversary of the salvation and universalisation of the club, and the arrival of Grupo Carso

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November 17th is a date forever marked on the calendars of Oviedistas. Today is the fifth anniversary of the end of the first share campaign, in which thousands of people from all over the world became part of our family, and which was topped off by the arrival of Grupo Carso.

As such, today is a day to remember and to thank all those fans and shareholders from a huge number of countries who joined together in November 2012 to save our club, as well as all those supporters, shareholders, and season ticket holders who have since become part of this great project.

On 17th November 2012, Real Oviedo was able to celebrate the great success of a share campaign which, after years of anxiety and great fear, placed us before a new path leading to a hopeful and promising future.

Since that time, backed by Grupo Carso and with the support of thousands and thousands of shareholders from more than 125 countries, Real Oviedo has gradually been gaining ground on the Spanish football scene. We have not only improved greatly in the on-field arena, but also in relation to finances, community matters and the club’s image, as well as expanding globally.

Five years on, we wish to commemorate one of the most beautiful pages written in football history; the movement which led to the club’s salvation in 2012, and its change of direction to again head towards great objectives.

All of you Real Oviedo shareholders, wherever you are from, form part of the Oviedista family spread around the globe, and we feel your support no matter how far away you are.

As such, because you are a very important part of our club and what makes it different and unique, we will continue to work to increase the connection between all Oviedistas, wherever they may be.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who helped Real Oviedo when we most needed it, and to all those who later joined, attracted by the ‘Blue Magic’.

Five years on, now and forever, Proud of you.