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Ziganda: "It's going to be a hard match"

The Coach turns attention to the match at Lezama, declaring that "Amorebieta compete very well"

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Despite the fact that many of the media's questions today were focused on the end of the transfer window and his evaluation of it, Real Oviedo Head Coach José Ángel Ziganda wished to move attention to this Sunday's important and difficult fixture against Amorebieta in Bilbao.
Asked about the new signings and the decisions of several players to turn down offers from elsewhere and stay at the club, Ziganda believes that it is "important that they feel comfortable here and that they want to do things here. They are demanding with themselves, they want to progress and improve. That's very important for the group, because it shows that we are not completely happy with what we have been doing and we are excited about the long way we still have to go."
Regarding the option of opting for a 4-3-3 formation following the arrival of Hugo Rama, the Gaffer said that "we'll see. The 4-4-2 is giving us results at home, but the competition for places in training and how we as a coaching staff are feeling will inform our decisions. The good thing is that we have options and possibilities. We will do whatever is best for the team."
With respect to the importance of footballers feeling good in Oviedo, Ziganda gave credit to those players who have been at the club the longest. "There are people who've been here for years, and have a lot of responsibility for transmitting an example of what this club and city mean. They know what has been suffered in previous years and the experience we all have to learn from. That goes for both the veterans who've been at the club a while and the youngsters who are now growing up."
He also praised the manner in which players are arriving on permanent deals, avoiding the overhaul required at the end of previous seasons. "Important players have left previously and there have been too many of them going for us to be able to lay down a foundation or solidify things. The club is now creating an important basis, looking to the future. Seeds are being sown so that we are able to obtain the benefits as soon as possible, but with a strong root."
Finally, discussing this weekend's opponent, Amorebieta, the Coach said that "we are very focused on that match and on all the work that we still have to do. Let's see if we can bring continuity to our idea of playing, and to our individual and collective growth. Sunday's match is a very hard one. If I'm not mistaken then Amorebieta have only lost one match in eight since they played here. When they played here they weren't the team they want to be and which I believe they are. They had a bad day, but they've reacted very well. They are competing incredibly well. I know their squad and they aren't going to fall away. They are going to grow. They've signed new players and they are fighting hard. It's going to be very tough. They are very aggressive and score a lot of goals. It's going to be difficult."