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Valentini: “We feel hugely frustrated”

The defender stated that the team’s greatest concern is that “the fans are happy with us”, and calls for hard work as the only option

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Real Oviedo defender, Nahuel Valentini, this morning appeared in the Press Room, as the team trained for the first time since the defeat against Alcorcón.

The player declared his “frustration” at “not being able to come from behind in a match like yesterday’s. After conceding the first goal we couldn’t bounce back with one of our own. It’s sad for us because we
couldn’t find a way to get back into the game, and it’s not the first time that has happened. We must improve. The only way to do so is through hard work.”

The Argentine argued that, “until we conceded we did have some chances which we couldn’t take, and they had created very little. When they eventually did create something they scored from it, and it seemed as though the team fell apart afterwards. There’s no doubt that we must improve on that.”

Asked about the mental aspect of the game, Valentini believes that, “you can work on anything in training. Although we haven’t yet found the way and are making some mistakes, the team is running until the very end. We must manage matches more sensibly. With regard to their first goal, we had to stay calm and keep working, as there was still a long way to go.”

Regarding Anquela’s comments, Valentini explained that, “we have to get used to his way of working. I don’t think that it’s as simple as not understanding what he wants, because in home matches we demonstrate what
the team wants. It’s harder for us away from home, but in the Sporting game we showed greater energy and concentration. Games are decided on fine details, and they knew how to manage the game yesterday.”

With respect to the pressure the team is now under as they return to the Tartiere for their next game against the league leaders, Valentini assured that, “we know how it works. We put ourselves under enough pressure. We want things to go well, for the fans to be happy with us, and for us to be happy as a team. This is all about work. We must work hard and improve,” he concluded.