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Toché: “Be the best version of ourselves”

The Real Oviedo forward highlights the support received ahead of this Sunday’s clash, adding that “we have no doubt that we have the best fans in the world”

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Real Oviedo forward José Verdú Nicolás, “Toché”, appeared in the Press Room today at El Requexón.

With the match against Sporting coming up this weekend, the Murcian commented that “the points are worth the same amount, but it is an important day, a special day, and one that you have marked on your calendar. Everyone wants to play in this match.”

Regarding the Real Oviedo fans that will travel to Gijón, Toché stated that “we have no doubt that we have the best fans. We always feel their support and hopefully we can give them a win.”

With respect to the squad’s preparations for the match, the striker affirmed that “we are going into it with the intention of winning and competing. It is going to be a hard-fought match and we have to keep cool heads. It’s a match where the emotions run high and they mean something. We have to stay calm, be intense and make use of our weapons. We must be the best version of ourselves. They are a good team, but we need to continue on this path.”

Commenting on the late kick-off of the derby, Toché said that “we are used to playing at every possible time of day. I like to play at night. We will try to be focused and calm. It’s going to be a very long day.”

When asked about the differences between this derby and the one last year, the forward believes that “last year was a different experience. We went into it with a lot of enthusiasm. This year we want to keep climbing the ladder, and earning these three points is part of that.”

Finally, speaking about the repercussions that the match will have on a national level, Toché concluded by stating that “I imagine that everyone will want to see this match. It is one of the best derbies in Spain. It is one of those derbies that every player wants to play in, and hopefully we can give the fans a victory.”