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Sergio Egea: “Turn our form around”

The Argentine declared himself “annoyed” not to have given the fans any joy so far, saying that the players are “taking the responsibility”

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Real Oviedo Head Coach Sergio Egea today appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón.

Following another week of work, the Coach stated that “the group is fine. Results haven’t been good, but we are working to change them. We have great professionals who give everything, but we’ve slipped up in certain moments. I’m sure we are going to turn our form around.”

Speaking about the areas for improvement, Sergio Egea reasoned that “it’s difficult to analyse things in football because there are many factors at play. They train and give everything, and they are taking the responsibility. We are going to compete. I trust the lads. Oviedo is a great team and it has to dominate games. We are annoyed that we haven’t given the fans any joy. They always back us, and we want to turn things around and make them happy.”

Regarding the end of the transfer window and his evaluation of the squad, the Argentine said that “it’s not normal for LaLiga to start and there still to be time to make signings. It would be healthy to close it beforehand. I’m happy with the work done by the directors, who are the professionals in that area. They give everything and we haven’t deserved such punishment. The lads have deserved more; they give everything.”

Ahead of Joselu’s possible return to the matchday squad, the Coach highlighted that “he’s an important player, like they all are. He was unlucky, but he’s done well in the last week. We’re seeing how he gets on and what he can give us, and then we’ll decide. We want to take a competitive group to Miranda.” In addition, regarding Tejera’s absence, Sergio Egea believes that “we have players in his position. We havedifferent options. It’s a shame not to have Sergio, but he has teammates who can stand in for him. We think a lot about the line-up and look for what’s best for the team. The group representing Oviedo must be balanced.”

With respect to the next opponent, Mirandés, the Coach said that “I have a lot of respect for them, but I only think about Real Oviedo. I want us to do things well. They are hungry and put a lot of pressure on, but I want our team to be perfect.”

Finally, asked about the atmosphere around the team, Sergio Egea stated that “the expectations around the people of Oviedo are high. Demands are good for growth. Michu explained the salary limit well; his definitions were correct. I don’t feel pessimistic, I’m naturally optimistic. Growth comes from positivity and Oviedo aspires to be the best. The players need calmness and everyone’s support. Playing things down doesn’t take you anywhere. We have to change the present and we need to trust the people who work for Oviedo.”