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Seoane: "The only aim is to go there and win"

The midfielder speaks to the media ahead of the match against RCD Espanyol.

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This morning saw Real Oviedo player Jaime Seoane talk to the gathered media at El Requexón. 
The midfielder, who finds himself "in good physical and mental shape" at this stage of the season, is looking ahead to Monday's fixture against RCD Espanyol with great ambition. Seoane stated, "the reality is that it's in our own hands. The only objective is to win, and that is the only important thing." 
Regarding the next opponent, Seoane respectfully stated the following: "Espanyol is one of the best teams in the division. They are a very tough team, that is prepared to play in the First Division, but we will use our strengths and we are ready to play a good match."
At the end of the press conference, Seoane delivered a final message: "The competition in this league is very high. The opponent doesn't matter; what matters is always thinking about going out to win."