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Official Presentation of Luis Carrión

The Press Room at the Carlos Tartiere today hosted the presentation of Real Oviedo's new Head Coach, ahead of the match against Real Valladolid on Sunday

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The Press Room at the Carlos Tartiere today hosted the official presentation of Luis Carrión as the new Real Oviedo Head Coach. He appeared alongside President Martín Peláez and Managing Director Agustín Lleida.
"I am coming in with huge enthusiasm. I see a squad which is pretty committed to everything that we have to do. We want to erase everything that has happened and understand that we can beat anyone."
Asked about targets, Luis Carrión was clear that "the objective is to beat Valladolid on Sunday. From here to the end of the season, we will be satisfied with the team giving it their all. Some days we will win, other matches we won't win, but we have to make sure that the players give everything for this club in order to finish as high up the table as possible."
"We are at a club where we have to be ambitious, but we have to take it step-by-step and little-by-little."
The new Head Coach also discussed the figure of Santi Cazorla, and what he can contribute to the team. "He can give us a lot. He's a match-winner. He's going through a process now to get up to speed, but he's a match-winner."
You can see Luis Carrión's full press conference (in Spanish) here: