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New Real Oviedo Club Structure Diagram

The club is presenting a new organisation structure in order to optimise its resources and implement Grupo Pachuca's methodology

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In a new step to shape and implement Real Oviedo's organisation structure, based upon Grupo Pachuca's methodology and values, the club has revealed a new organisation diagram. It is split into two parts: sports and corporate.
With the objective of optimising resources and improving results, a new operating order has been created so that the hierarchical functions of each area are clearly and concisely stipulated.
Furthermore, in a clear step from Grupo Pachuca to favour work-life balance, the club has established a timetable of 8:30-15:30 for attention to the public at the Carlos Tartiere. These services will be supported by the club shops in the evenings.
This is a further step in the management of the club, as we look to alter the club's model to match the philosophy and idiosyncrasies of Grupo Pachuca.
The full diagram can be seen here