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Mossa: "The Most Important Time Is Coming"

The right back praises the solid defense and tactical work, fundamentals for the season

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Real Oviedo defender Mossa paid a visit to the press room after the first team's return to training today.

Going into the final week of the preseason and the imminent commencement of La Liga, the Catalonian stated that "when you start (training) it seems like the beginning will never come, but now it's here, only 15 days away. The most important time is coming."

Regarding his quick adaptation to the team and the minutes he has played in the last few matches, the Real Oviedo defender said that "I came to train. Personally, I am doing well and my teammates are making it easy. it has been a good adjustment":

The right back, with Varela, Cotugno and Mossa, is one of the most competitive positions on the roster. When asked about the competition for the spot, the Catalonian commented that "even though there are three of us in one position, the good thing is that the competition is going to make us better, it's a positive thing for the team".

Concerning the characteristics that Juan Antonio Anquela has developed in the team, Mossa said that "the coach is looking for a solid team, that continues to improve. At the end, that's the theme of the preseason. It's good that we have a solid defense and later to be able to have a spark up top. I'm not worried that we haven't scored many goals, there are great players up top".

When asked about the importance of the youth players in the trainings and preparatory games, many of whom have participated often, Mossa believes that "it's important that home-grown players participate. They are earning opportunities and it's good for the team. If they are here, it's because they have earned it".

Finally, and in regards to his own feelings and first impressions of the club, the city, and the fans, the right back stated that "you leave with an idea of where you are going, and step by step my expectations are being met. My initial feelings are all very good".