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Jimmy: "It's a crucial match"

The Oviedo-born midfielder discusses the importance of the Albacete fixture, expressing his gratitude that "the fans are answering our call and we need them"

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Real Oviedo midfielder Jimmy today appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón.
Ahead of the fixture against Albacete at the Carlos Tartiere, the Asturian admitted that "we all know it's a crucial match against a team in a similar position to our own.  All the matches from here on are going to be important, but this one more so.  The fans are answering our call and we need them.  We have had some difficult clashes, but the point in Girona has strengthened us.  We have to turn that one into a good point by winning this match."
Regarding his view on the team in recent matches, the Oviedista highlighted that "it seems like there has to be a reaction from the other team for us to go for the win.  We have to go out there to beat teams and control matches.  It's not fear, but the table helps teams win matches.  You see everything differently when you're in the other boat.  Each mistake counts, and it can't be like that.  We are talking about Albacete a lot, but we have to see that there are difficult months coming up, where we have to try to win every match.  We have to be switched on and go for the victory every week."
Asked about the squad's mood concerning the situation, Jimmy said that "at the start the veterans got ahold of us and asked us to start stepping up. We are taking responsibility, since age is just a number and doesn't matter out there on the pitch.  The veteran players help you with their experience.  I am feeling good, but if we got a win I'd feel better.  I would swap playing for us achieving victories.  I am strong mentally and feeling good physically."
Finally, the academy graduate wanted to send a message to the fans, commenting that "I can put myself in the fans' shoes, since I am just another fan.  We are in a different situation this year (compared to previous years), and trying to move towards survival.  I think it's enough motivation for them to help us turn things around."