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Evening Training Session

Ziganda's side worked out today at El Requexón, in a session marked by its intensity and ball work

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The El Requexón training facilities today hosted the latest day of preseason training for Ziganda's side, who will play their next preseason match against CD Mirandés tomorrow.  The game will kick off at 18:00 at the NMR Carlos Tartiere.
The evening session saw the coaching staff programme a workout based around ball work, with the players divided into groups to carry out several exercises on Pitches 1 and 2 at El Requexón.  Cedric Teguía, along with Rafa Mujica, trained with the club sports therapist on Pitch 5.
Ziganda's side will play its second preseason match tomorrow at the Carlos Tartiere, when it comes up against CD Mirandés.