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In 1995 Real Oviedo Triumphed at The Hawthorns

The Asturians travelled to the UK to face West Bromwich Albion

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On this day in 1995, Real Oviedo secured a convincing win over West Bromwich Albion in a match played at the historic Hawthorns Stadium.

Since 1900, The Hawthorns has been the home of West Bromwich Albion; the team which was Real Oviedo’s last opponent in a tournament held in the summer of 1995 in the United Kingdom.

 On 8th August 1995 Real Oviedo, coached by Iván Brzić, took to the field against West Bromwich Albion with the following starting eleven: Mora, Armando, Stojkovski, Jerkan, César, Suárez, Berto, Manel, Oli, Carlos, Dubovský. In the 72nd minute Pedro Alberto replaced Carlos, and in the 83rd Maqueda came on for Oli.

All of the goals were scored in the second half. The first goal of the match was scored by Oli in the 75th minute. The lead was then doubled by Dubovský in the 83rd minute. Six minutes later, the English side cut the deficit to 2-1, but in the 90th minute Maqueda scored the final goal of the match, sealing the Asturian's victory. The match ended in a 3-1 win for Los Carbayones, who secured the friendly trophy at stake that day. The artistic vase, made of glass, is currently on display at the Real Oviedo Museum, located in the Carlos Tartiere Stadium.