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Ambassadors for Lángara in Ireland

Two children from Dublin have been telling their school about the great Real Oviedo goalscorer

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Danny and Mateo Colfer-Bravo came into the world a century after Lángara's birth, in Dublin; far from the places where the great Real Oviedo striker achieved his great footballing successes. Despite that, the two children are huge admirers of the best Spanish goalscorer in history.
It all began during one of their frequent trips to Asturias to see their grandparents and other family members. While in the Real Oviedo club shop, the two boys came across 'Lángara: The Lord of the Goals', a book written and edited by the Real Oviedo Foundation.
Given that the book was written in English, Danny and Mateo's native language, their mother Bárbara bought it for them. They began to read it with great interest, and once back in Ireland the two children began to tell their classmates all about the great forward who had played for Real Oviedo.
Word of Lángara's footballing accomplishments began to spread at The Harold School in Dublin, the school which Danny and Mateo attend. Mateo's teacher even asked him to give a presentation in class about Lángara. After finishing the presentation, his classmates asked him questions about the striker, before the teacher quizzed the pupils further.
Danny and Mateo (Dublin, 2012 and 2014) are very proud to be ambassadors for Lángara (Pasajes Ancho, 1912) in Ireland, in the knowledge that he is the greatest Spanish goalscorer of all time according to the International Federation for Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). Furthermore, the great attacker was also a close friend of the family which his two great admirers belong to.
When he was very young Danny and Mateo's grandfather Pipo Bravo knew Lángara personally and spent time with him. On many occasions he tells his grandchildren about the great forward who played for Real Oviedo many years ago, and who, three decades after his death, is still very fondly remembered by all Oviedistas.