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Football as a Social Tool

Real Oviedo has taken part in the 15th Meeting of Professional Football Club Foundations, with the aim of helping its great work to keep growing

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On Friday 17th March, Real Oviedo was present at the 15th Meeting of Professional Football Club Foundations, to mark Thursday's 30th anniversary of the LaLiga Foundation. César Martín, the Head of the Real Oviedo Foundation and Real Oviedo's Head of Institutional Relations, represented the club at this meeting, which covered various aspects of the Foundation's work.
The main topic of this event was to discuss the importance of the service and work done by the foundations. In addition, the different clubs debated how best to improve the management and communication of their daily social responsibility.
The Real Oviedo Foundation is remaining true to its objective of carrying out all types of activities through football, ranging from educational to social matters. Our humanitarian work is very important to us and we continue to work relentlessly to promote values such as solidarity, effort, gender equality and many more in
Under our slogan 'Our commitment is to people', Los Azules are continuing to carry out new projects and activities to allow its great work to keep growing.