Anquela: “We have complete respect for our opponent and for the division

The Real Oviedo Coach insists that, “we must only think about Reus”, and is expecting to face “a great team”, as he reiterates the need to “know how to struggle for the win”

Real Oviedo Head Coach, Juan Antonio Anquela, appeared in the Press Room this morning following team training at El Requexón.

Ahead of the trip to Reus and asked about the condition of players like Diego Fabbrini, Anquela declared that, “he needs to gain sharpness but that’s all. When Olmes begins to train, he will be another member of the group. We hope he does well. He is a forward who can play on the wing, and it’s much better for us if he can contribute.”

Insisting that the only matter on his mind is Saturday’s match, Anquela repeated that, “Reus worry me. If we don’t want to go wrong, then we must only think about Reus. If we do anything different, then football will surprise you. I’m worried about Reus. It’s the same as every week; we will see what happens and whether we are capable of competing.”

With respect to the changes he will have to make with Aarón and Carlos Hernández both suspended, the Coach was clear, saying that, “if one is out then another goes in. There’s no other option. We need to be able to compete and continue on this run. It’s really hard to win matches, as you saw last Saturday, but we need to know how to struggle for the win.”

In addition, asked whether specific players could come into the starting line-up, Anquela reminded that, “in order to play football, you need to be at 100% for the full ninety minutes. Toché is still not ready for a full match. To go against nature or what football has taught you is very risky.”

Regarding this weekend’s opponents, Anquela highlighted that, “Reus is a great football team. You have to respect your opponent, and if we fail to compete and perform at our best then we are no better than any other team. Last season we won one point against Reus from the six available. We are going to try to get more this year. We will go there to work and pressure them, and if we don’t do that, we won’t even draw. There are three very valuable points available at Reus as in any other ground, and out there on the pitch we will demonstrate whether we are the better or worse side. I always build upon a foundation of maximum respect for the opponent and for the division, and if we don’t do that one day then we will be making a mistake. I see it as a very important game as it’s the first one. I’m not looking any further ahead. This is my only concern at the moment,” he concluded.