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Anquela: “This is going to be an all-out war”

Excited, the Jaén-born coach shared that the key is “to know how to endure and to not get cocky” in a season in which they must “maintain the level”

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Real Oviedo coach Juan Antonio Anquela made an appearance in the press room at El Requexón.

Two days before the start of LaLiga for Real Oviedo, the Oviedista coach pointed out that, “It’s already here. The team is ready, with everything clear. We have to implement what we’ve been working on. The injured players are okay, we don’t want to push them too hard. If they’re okay, they’ll play. We have to be sure.”

Regarding the new season that Real Oviedo is facing, Juan Antonio Anquela stated that, “It’s important to always be enthusiastic. This season is going to be an all-out war. We’re all starting out with the same possibilities and we’re excited to do great things.”

On the parity and rigorousness of the competition, the coach from Jaén said that, “We’ve been talking about this for a long time, we’re in one of the best leagues in Europe, and every year even more so. Getting through this is complicated, nothing is a given. Sunday we’ll start the fight and we must maintain the level.”

Regarding the objectives for the new season, the Real Oviedo coach stated, “I don’t have any objective. We have to take it day by day, trying to compete. In the bad times we have to endure and in the good times we can’t get cocky. The objective is to be there, like every team hopes to, but we have to work hard every week.”

As the match with Extramadura approaches, Anquela commented that, “It’s going to be a complicated match, they have momentum. They have people with character, they finished last season firing on all cylinders and they’ll be coming in that vein. We can’t forget about the reality.” In addition, after the preseason, the Jaén-born coach said that, “I feel good about this, but now is the time to meet the expectations. We have to know what we want.”

Finally, on the possibility of adding another player during the end of the summer market, the Oviedista coach believes that, “If someone comes to improve what we have, he’ll be welcomed. We have a versatile group and guys that have been competing. Viti and Javi Hernández will be training with us regularly. On the reserve team there are many boys that are good enough to play with us,” the coach from Jaén concluded.