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Álvaro Cervera: "We are looking to be more direct"

The Real Oviedo Head Coach spoke at El Requexón today

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Real Oviedo Head Coach appeared before the media this morning at El Requexón.
The Gaffer began by analysing his team's situation following Saturday's important victory over Mirandés, and stating that he is looking for his team to start to "be more direct. It's not that we are going to be a defensive team, but I do like matches where we don't have too much to do defensively. Our first aim was to get our heads back above the water, but now we are trying to try to swim and make it as far as we can."
Regarding Wednesday's match against Tenerife, the Coach wished to first congratulate the opponents on their centenary, before moving on to issue a reminder that Tenerife went into the final match of last season with the chance for promotion: "They are difficult to play against. It's a big club that is going to make things very difficult for us." He concluded that "what is happening there isn't normal, but sometimes in football these things happen."