Álvaro Cervera: “It will be a difficult match"

The Real Oviedo coach appeared before the media ahead of Monday's fixture against Andorra

The Press Room at the Carlos Tartiere today hosted Real Oviedo Head Coach Álvaro Cervera's pre-match press conference ahead of the Andorra fixture.
With Romario Ibarra and Mario Hernández's injuries now having been confirmed, the Gaffer discussed the team's misfortune in that area. "We have been having a bad time. Like I've already said, we did the best preseason possible in order to not have the injuries we did last season. Now we only have muscle injury, but we have eight injuries in total. It's regrettable, unfortunate, and we don't know what it could be due to."
With respect to how Mario's injury affects the formation, Álvaro Cervera declared that "if we stick to five at the back then Viti can be a solution, and if we go for four then we have Oier Luengo. He's played there a few times now."
Finally, asked about the next opponent, Andorra, the Coach commented that "it's the most unique team in the division. They move the ball very quickly because they train for that, and they push you back, but that also has its downside and they have lost three in a row. We have seen videos of teams who have gone after them and have both won and lost. And teams who have sat back against them, and have also won and lost. Whatever we do tomorrow, there is a chance that it won't work out. If you don't hurt them then you aren't going to win. It will be a difficult match."