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Ziganda: "Be recognisable and let people identify with us"

The Coach analyses the next opponent, Espanyol, who he says "have built a strong spine"

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Real Oviedo Head Coach Cuco Ziganda today appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón, where he responded to the questions put to him by the media.
Has the match being brought forward from Monday to Sunday affected your preparations, or were you expecting it?
- It hasn't set us back. We had it in mind and it was expected. It was a real possibility. It's true that preparing with such uncertainty is not ideal, particularly bearing in mind the division we are playing in. The best thing for everybody would be to know the kick-off times and dates sooner, but we have to adapt. We hope that the times get set as soon as possible.
Apart from the great squad, what are the strengths of this Espanyol side?
- Besides the squad, which is eye-catching, the Coach has built a strong spine.They haven't conceded many goals and nor have they conceded many chances. They have quality and stand out above all the rest, but it is how solid they are that I notice. They have a real chance of achieving their objective.
Do you plan to pick the same starting eleven against Espanyol, or are you thinking about going back to 4-4-2 on Sunday?
- I don't think we will use a 4-4-2 because we still don't have players ready to play in that way. We have to hold some players back on the bench to come on and freshen us up. We have people who may come into the team. We will think about the starting eleven on Sunday.
What options do Leschuk and Aburjania give you in terms of playing styles and formations? Are they ready to play on Sunday?
- They are two players who have come in this week and we will wait until Sunday to see whether they come into the matchday squad. Nahuel (Leiva) and Marco (Sangalli) went straight in, but these two are still getting used to things here. We'll see if they get into the matchday squad. We will decide on Sunday.
What did you make of Nahuel's performance at Anduva? Are you considering starting him against Espanyol?
- I liked his attitude and I liked him the week before the game. He's got something different. He's got energy, he's hungry to contribute, and he came in to give us something different, as we saw. We don't know about this Sunday, we still have to think about it. He's not ready for 90 minutes and we have to see how to make the most of him.
Do you see the squad as being ready to fight towards the top of the table? Would you like to see any players arrive in any particular position before the end of the transfer window?
- The squad is done, but the window is not. If there's a significant departure, with a key player leaving, we would try to sign someone. The  squad is done, but we need to build a team. It's not last year's team and we have room to work, and build a strong, solid team. It's not just about competing, our objective is to win matches. We want to be recognisable and let people identify with us.
How worried are you about the players who you have told that they are not part of your plans?
- I'm not at all worried. We have been clear about the situation as we see it and everyone is free to choose their own path. Their behaviour and training sessions have been at the level we are all at. The attitudes are magnificent and I am delighted with all of them.
There has been talk of Edu Cortina departing. How do you feel about him leaving? 
- Edu is a model pro and we are lucky to have him. He's one of those people who deserves to know his exact situation, so that he can make decisions.His body is asking him to play and I think we have to help him. Whether he's playing or not, he trains like the best, with a very good attitude. He's a team player and a very well-prepared lad.
How has Viti been this week? Have you tried to cheer him up?
- I don't know what has happened in previous seasons, we are starting from zero. We have to make a team. Viti had a great preseason and was in great shape. He's a player who can give us a lot now and I want him to keep going as he is. We might be able to have him back available and that's the only thing I'm worried about.
Upon the arrivals of Aburjania and Leschuk, Arnau said there could be one or two more signings. Do you share this opinion?
- If it's possible and we see something which can improve on what we have then I'd be delighted. I understand the wage cap and we have to adapt tothe times we are living through.
What mark would you give the off-field management for this transfer window?
- I don't think about marks. Everything that gets done is to work towards an idea. We then have to be able to form a group. We have replaced the players we had with others who have to contribute. It's in our hands for them to grow and perform at the level that we want. We will see at the end of the season whether the objective has been achieved, but a lot of work has been done with the idea of what we wanted.