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Tejera: "We need to win and that's all we have in our heads"

The Captain describes the squad as being "aware of its responsibilities and of the importance of this match for our fans", and says that the team will go into the match "with a lot of hunger and excitement"

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Real Oviedo Captain Sergio Tejera appeared in the Press Room this morning and responded to the questions put to him by the media.
Tejera began by saying he is "aware of the importance of the match for our fans, and it's just the same for our squad. We are very hungry and excited and just want Saturday to get here now." He also argued that form is not important now. "It's a unique fixture in the season and that's the way we have to take it. We have all the excitement in the world. The team is prepared going into this match."
Regarding the work the squad has done, the midfielder believes that "the team is doing great defensively. We've barely conceded any shots in recent matches and we need to keep that going. We need to be clinical in the other area too though. That's the key." Tejera therefore believes that the most important things in order to turn results around are "the team working hard, being strong as a group, and keeping going. That's the key to getting points and winning matches. We need to keep clean sheets and start to be more clinical with the chances we are creating."
The Captain thinks that the fine details will make the difference in the match against Sporting, who "have a strong group defensively and are taking their chances in attack. That's giving them a lot of points, and it's what we have been lacking. They have been very consistent all year. They are going to fight to the death just like us, and I'm sure it will be a very even match."
Finally, Tejera explained that "we know where we are and we know what a bad time we had last year. None of us want to go through that again and we are working to make sure it doesn't happen. The team is aware of the responsibility of the situation we are in. We need to win and that's all we have in our heads."