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Season-Ticket Campaign Underway

Season-ticket passes can be renewed from 10:00 on 8th October, both online and in person in the offices at the Tartiere

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The 2020/21 season-ticket campaign begins at 10:00 on Thursday 8th October. Our season-ticket holders selected their preferred compensation options during the final stages of last season. The different season-ticket choices for the new season were presented a month ago, while our season-ticket holders received their personal information and passwords by post. Season-ticket renewal is available from 10:00 on Thursday.
The online platform to renew season tickets will be available from 10:00 on 8th October at
   - If you purchase the full season ticket online you can collect it  from the shop or from the offices at the Tartiere. In the event of being  entitled to an official shirt and/or commemorative flag, you should make your way to one of our two stores (Caveda 22 or Los Prados Shopping Centre) from Thursday 15th October (always allowing seven days after completing the online purchase)
   - *If you purchase the base season ticket online* you can collect it from the Carlos Tartiere offices.
   - If you claim either of the two season tickets online and you don't collect the pass within two weeks, we will send your season ticket to your home, at the address which appears in our database.
   - We request that all our season-ticket holders limit their face-to-face transactions at the offices as much as possible and that they use the online platform previously mentioned.
   - Those people who are changing category should visit the club offices to carry out the transaction.
   - Face-to-face renewals are only available in the Carlos Tartiere offices (open Monday-Friday, 10:00-14:00 and 16:30-19:00).
   - We ask Oviedistas who have not received their passwords by post to contact us at 985 21 53 00 or by email at
Below is a reminder of all of the season-ticket campaign information WHICH SEASON-TICKET OPTIONS DO I HAVE?
The design of the 2020/21 season-ticket campaign has sought to offer alternatives to all of the different situations which our fans may be going through. Before a backdrop of uncertainty, where it is unknown when and howfans will be able to return to the NMR Carlos Tartiere stadium, our obligation is to make it possible for everybody to maintain their loyalty, their years of being a season-ticket holder, and their seat, as well as enjoying other advantages, in accordance with the possibilities for each one of our season-ticket holders.
The two options we are presenting are as follows:
The cheapest option, which is priced at 28.5% of the full price (according to price category) of last season, and which will allow you to:
   - Keep your season-ticket pass, season-ticket number, and accumulated years as a season-ticket holder valid, and hold your seat.
   - 10% discount in official stores.
   - Access to 6 matches at the NMR Carlos Tartiere during the 2020/21 season (in the case of the public health circumstances and the competent authorities permitting it) 
   - Possibility of loading the extra corresponding amount onto the pass when public attendance in the ground is permitted, in the event of there still being more than six matches to be played at the Carlos Tartiere.
   - Postage of the season ticket to your home (or physical collection of the pass from the established collection points)
The six matches will begin to be used up from the moment in which the percentage of capacity permitted in the stadium includes fans with the BASE SEASON TICKET.
The option of a traditional season ticket, as a sign of unwavering support towards the club. The prices will remain at exactly the same prices as last season for each category, but with a series of special advantages, as a thank you for the crucial backing which those season-ticket holders who choose this option will be giving the club.
   - Maintain your season ticket in force, including the accumulated years as a season-ticket holder and your seat.
   - Total priority to access (when the public health circumstances and the competent authorities permit it).
   - Special-edition, commemorative welcome flag (except for the baby category).
   - First or second shirt for this season as a gift, with the season-ticket holder able to select their preference (only for season-ticket holders whose pass costs 275 euros or more).
   - Free season ticket for the 2021/22 season in the event of promotion to LaLiga Santander.
   - Price freeze on your 2021/22 season ticket in the event of remaining in LaLiga SmartBank.
   - 20% total discount in official stores.
   - If the authorities permit it, free entry in the event of the club playing promotion playoff matches.
   - If the authorities permit it, free entry in the Copa del Rey.
With respect to both options, in the event of the current public health situation remaining in place and the competent authorities not permitting fan access to the ground, either as a reduced percentage or as a complete capacity, for the whole of the 2020/21 season or part of it, *there will be no refunds for the portion of the season ticket which could not be enjoyed*, given that it would be a case of force majeure.
All of our season-ticket holders will receive a letter in the post in the coming days. In the letter, the club will provide them with the passwords and the necessary information for them to be able to select their choice of season ticket simply and online. In addition, we will also create other methods online and through other channels (telephone calls, email, etc.) in order that all Oviedistas receive their details.
Within the space of approximately one week, when our season-ticket holders have received said letter at their homes, an online platform will become available. Each season-ticket holder will be able to sign in, choose their preferred option, and confirm their season-ticket renewal. There will also be the possibility for new season-ticket purchases.
The club will also announce the exact date that the season-ticket campaign begins, both for online and face-to-face purchases, so that all of our fans have equal conditions and can choose to renew quickly. The final point is important, because it will be taken into account as one of the criteria for access in the event of reduced-capacity entry into the stadium, as we will explain below.
The possibility to renew in person will also be available, although we ask our season-ticket holders to avoid this method where possible, for the everybody's safety.
Below we explain, step by step, how the renewal of your season ticket will happen, bearing in mind the option chosen at the end of the last season with respect to the amount of the 2019/20 season ticket not used (28.5%).
1) Season-ticket holders who chose the option of an advance on the 2020/21 season ticket
The season-ticket holder must decide upon one of the following options, and will enjoy the relevant discount.
A) Free renewal: *no need to make any payment, and receive/collect the *base season ticket.
B) Supply/confirm your IBAN number, giving the club the authority to collect the money for the *percentage of corresponding matches*, once the competent authorities authorise fans to enter stadiums (if there are more than the six matches already included in the season ticket).
C) Select the *full season ticket*, by supplying/confirming your IBAN number, which will be charged with 71.5% of last season's tariff (as you enjoy the *applied discount of 28.5%).
2) Season-Ticket Holders who did not state their preference
The club previously announced that in the event of season-ticket holders not declaring their preferred option for the money they were owed at the end of last season, the corresponding amount would be treated as having been donated to the club. Despite this, Real Oviedo has decided to reward all fans who find themselves in this situation with the base season ticket. It is a gesture of gratitude for their loyalty and support for our team.
As such, the club will offer them a discount of 28.5% for their 2020/21 renewal, and these fans will be able to choose between the three options seen in Point 1.
3) Season-Ticket Holders who expressly waived their right to a refund in the club's favour
The club is tremendously grateful for their gesture and will apply a 28.5% discount when these fans renew their season ticket for the 2020/21 season. As such, these season-ticket holders also have the three options explained in Point 1 available to them.
4) Season-Ticket Holders who donated to the Foundation
The club is equally grateful for this gesture, and will also apply a 28.5% discount when these fans renew their season tickets for 2020/21. Therefore, this group will also be able to choose between the three options explained in Point 1.
5) Season-Ticket Holders who requested a refund
In the letter which will arrive at their homes, season-ticket holders will be informed of the date that the money the club owes them will be repaid, corresponding to 28.5% of last year's season ticket. It will also offer them the possibility of cancelling this request for a refund and starting the 2020/21 renewal process with the same conditions as those season-ticket holders who opted to use the refund as a discount on this year's season ticket. In the event of cancelling the refund request, fans will be able to choose between the three options in Point 1.
It's important that these season-ticket holders confirm their choice, so that the club can either refund the money or cancel said request and allow them to renew automatically. As such, according to the option chosen, these fans should enter the website and:
   - Confirm their IBAN number, so as to receive the corresponding amount of money.
   - Opt to cancel the refund, so as to automatically obtain the base season ticket.
   - Obtain the base season ticket and give the club the authority to collect the extra money for the extra percentage of corresponding matches, once the competent authorities authorise fans to enter stadiums (if this
   applies to more than six matches). They will have to submit/confirm their IBAN number.
   - Opt to cancel the refund and purchase the full season ticket. They will have to pay 71.5% of the total price of the season ticket (with the 28.5% discount having been applied).
6) Season-Ticket Holders who exchanged their refund for vouchers for the club shop
When the season-ticket campaign begins, they will have three options:
   - Renew with the base season ticket: they must enter the web page or carry out the procedure in person, by submitting/confirming the IBAN number, giving the club permission to charge them 28.5% of the season-ticket price.
   - Renew with the base season ticket and later pay for extra matches: give the club authorisation to immediately charge them the 28.5%, and then later charge them the % applicable, if the competent authorities allow more
   than the 6 matches included in the base season ticket to be played in front of fans.
   - Renew with the full season ticket: submit/confirm the IBAN number, giving the club permission to charge them 100% of the season-ticket price.
7) New Season Tickets
Non-season ticket holders will be able to purchase season tickets for the 2020/21 season, in a timeframe still to be confirmed, and they will have two options:
   - Submit/confirm the IBAN number, giving the club authorisation to charge 28.5% of the season-ticket price, before later charging extra for the % of matches above 6, once the health authorities allow fans in the stadiums.
   - Submit/confirm the IBAN number, giving the club authority to charge 100% of the chosen season-ticket price.
Following the legal and health indications of the competent bodies and authorities, once a % of season-ticket holders can enter the stadium, we will use the following criteria and list of priorities:
Group A
Priority access to season-ticket holders with the FULL SEASON TICKET, independent of whether it is a cheaper or more expensive price category. In the case of the capacity permitted being lower than the number of FULL season ticket-holders, we will give priority to those who purchased the FULL season ticket first. In the event of other criteria being necessary to reduce the percentage capacity, whoever has been a season-ticket holder for a greater number of years will have priority.
Group B
Access to season-ticket holders with the BASE SEASON TICKET who provide us with bank details to activate their pass in the case of being able to attend more than six matches. Once the Group A season-ticket holders have been taken out of the equation, in the event of the capacity permitted not catering for all BASE SEASON-TICKET HOLDERS who have been charged for more than six matches, the priority criteria will scrupulously follow the order in which members of Group B renewed.
Group C
Season-ticket holders with the BASE SEASON TICKET who did not give authorisation to be charged in the event of being able to attend more than six matches. Once Groups A and B are taken out of the equation, in the event of the permitted capacity being smaller than the number of season-ticket holders with the right to attend, we will give priority to those who have been season-ticket holders for longest.
The only two modifications to categories with respect to last season, and as an exceptional measure for this season, are as follows:
   - The period of unemployment necessary to claim the 'Unemployed' season ticket will be reduced from two years to six months (it will be necessary to give evidence of having spent six months unemployed).
   - Both people over the age of 65 and those with a permanent disability will be able to claim the 'Retired' season ticket.
Families and/or people who wish to belong to the same access group and have the option to enter the stadium together, should carry out their transactions at the same time, to have the greatest possibilities of being able to enter at the same time.