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Sangalli: "Produce a great second half of the season"

The winger has stressed the importance of having a "very strong group" so that "the team stays up there"

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Real Oviedo winger Marco Sangalli appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón this morning at the start of a new week, following two rest days.
With two matches of the second half of the season having now been played, and halfway through the demanding month of January, the Basque midfielder evaluated the team's current situation going into the remaining fixtures this month. "We knew that the first month of 2022 would be difficult given the opponents, but I think that we've put in good performances against teams that are up there. Tenerife and Almería are two important matches, and the team has the chance to come out of them in a good position."
Regarding the campaign so far, Sangalli reasoned that "it's been my most inconsistent season on a personal level, but the most consistent one as a group. I want to be at my best, but here the group is what matters and we want to be as high up the table as possible. We have to improve our level, and the team has to stay up there. We've formed a very strong group. We are united."
Asked about Viti's contract renewal and what it means to the team, Sangalli highlighted that "he's a homegrown player, a great lad, and I'm happy he's staying here. He plays for the badge and it's important to have pillars like him in the team. They know the club's philosophy, and it's important that he stays here. It's good for any historic club like Real Oviedo to have academy players who know the club's history. They are working hard in the academy and it's bearing fruits. The team has to use the academy as one of the pillars for growth."
Finally, regarding the prospect of breaking into a playoff place, Sangalli commented that "the team is up there. We have matches coming up against playoff rivals and if we get a lot of points then we will be close. We have to produce a great second half of the season and improve. The team has to be consistent and go into the Tenerife match with the mindset that it is a vital one, in order to keep them under pressure."