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Mossa: "The mental aspect is going to be very important"

The defender praises the work done by Cuco Ziganda, stating that "we are bringing what we had been doing into the present"

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Real Oviedo defender Mossa today appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón.
How have these days of more specific work as a whole group been going?
- It's better, we had been looking forward to all training together.  This is what we are used to, the other was a strange thing to adapt to.
How do you feel physically?  Would you be able to say what percentage you are at, with the first match 9 days away?
- I don't think that saying percentages is very accurate, we guide ourselves more by sensations.  We are working with the ball this week, and doing so as well as possible.
What is Ziganda focusing most on?
- We are trying to pick back up on what we had been working on when all of this started.  We are now bringing what we had been doing into the present, and looking at other things that we hadn't had time to work on."
Are you looking at the table going into this final stage of the season?
- We are looking at where we are, but also at the Ponferradina match, because it is the most important one.
With such a small margin between matches, will it be an advantage to play the first one on the Friday, given that Depor will almost have two fewer days to prepare for the second match after the return to action?
- I'm not thinking about it.  It will all level itself out.  Sometimes one team will have more time, and other times they'll have less.
What do you remember and what surprised you about Ponferradina in the first half of the season?
- It's a team that looked for continuity to what they'd been doing (after coming up) and have a solid group, which is the main thing in this division.  They've adapted to what was asked of them and had confidence in what they'd been doing.
If theatre shows are allowed spectators again, do you think that stands at football should be reopened too, albeit with limited capacity?
- We want to play with fans there, we are going to miss them.  They are important and they back us.  I hope we can get back to playing in front of fans as soon as possible.
What importance is the mental aspect going to have on top of the physical issues during this run of matches?
- It's going to be vitally important.  The situation is going to take its toll and there will be stress due to our objective, and so the mental aspect is going to be very important.
What are you expecting from the matches upon this return to football?
- They are going to seem long, we have got out of the rhythm of competition.  Teams are going to have to break the stalemates and I hope they are competitive.  It's a new situation and we will see, nobody is used to this.