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Leaders for Engagement

The club's official social media profiles have become the leaders in the division thanks to interactions from Oviedistas

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The Oviedistas have turned Real Oviedo into April's league leaders in terms of social media engagement. We are the LaLiga SmartBank club to have received the largest overall number of interactions on our official social media profiles during the month of April.
We received a total of 741,194 interactions on 1,020 posts during the month of April, through our official accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and Sina Weibo. Upon closer examination of each of the social networks, we were the most-talked about club in the league on Twitter, where we received a total of 151,715 interactions on 525 posts. Facebook saw us finish in second place in the division, with 74,591 interactions, while we were also in second place on Instagram, with 489,581 interactions. Looking towards the Asian market and particularly China, we were also the club with second most interactions on Sina Weibo. Meanwhile, our TikTok account has continued its growth relentlessly since being created in December. Our match retransmissions and content on RealOviedoTV on Youtube have the most interactions of any club in the division, while we are also the club with second most views on their club channel, with 90,647.
To say thanks to our followers and the Oviedistas spread around the world who have taken us to the top of the interaction statistics for another month, we will continue with special draws on our official profiles. We will also get to know the fans of the month; those who are the biggest followers, who interact with us the most, watch most videos, or share the largest amount of our content. Thank you, Oviedistas!