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Jon Pérez Bolo: "Confidence, the goals are going to arrive"

The Coach stresses the positives of his side, stating that "we want much more and we are ambitious"

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Real Oviedo Head Coach Jon Pérez Bolo appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón today ahead of the weekend's fixture in Lugo.
Ahead of the encounter at Anxo Carro, the Coach analysed the condition of those players who have resumed group training this week, saying "Viti has worked with his teammates, at the same level, and is ready to come into the matchday squad. David (Costas) is doing much better now and has trained with the group. It looks like he is going to build up his rhythm little by little. Borja (Sánchez) is definitely out for Sunday, but we aren't going to get ahead of ourselves. It will be determined by how he is feeling. Him being out is a blow, like the others, but we have to find solutions to problems."
Asked about the replacement who may come in to replace Borja, Bolo commented that "it's time to think hard when choosing the player in order to help us get three points. Marcelo (Flores), Abel (Bretones), Hugo (Rama) or Viti: we have different options." In addition, with respect to David Costas, the Gaffer highlighted that "I can see he's happy this last week. He is coming to the end of the tunnel. I know him and I am aware of what he can give us. He will be important within the squad."
With respect to the teams play in recent matches, Bolo reasoned that "we aren't meeting the expectations that we had, but if we look only at the statistics then they tell us that we are having a lot of possession, creating chances, and putting a lot of crosses into the box. We want a lot more and we are ambitious. The team is doing things well, it's not all negative. Negativity brings negative things. We want to improve. When we score we are going to feel calm and improve."
Asked about the next opponent, CD Lugo, Jon Pérez Bolo warned that "I don't trust anyone in this division. I don't look backwards or at our injuries, and teams come together in the face of problems. We all have squads to fight with, and Hernán will have a plan. They are going to play his game plan, and we are prepared for the battle."
Finally, regarding the necessity to get goals, the Coach stated that "it's important for strikers to score goals. The only thing they need is confidence, the goals are going to arrive. We have to work, create chances, and the results will come."