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Jesús Martínez and Martín Peláez Visit the Carlos Tartiere for the First Time

The Grupo Pachuca President, Real Oviedo Club President, and visiting group spent this morning at the stadium

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With sincere smiles and excitement in their eyes which spoke of many dreams to be fulfilled, at just gone 11:00 this morning the Grupo Pachuca travelling group, led by Jesús Martínez and Martín Pelaez, stepped foot in the Carlos Tartiere for the first time.
Accompanied by Manuel Paredes, Fernando Corral, Federico González and César Martín, the first stop saw the group step onto the pitch to pose for a photo for the gathered media. Having spoken individually with the press who attended the event, they spent time talking on the pitch at the Carlos Tartiere, introducing themselves and saying hello to First-Team Head Coach Jon Pérez Bolo.
The most emotive act of the day began at 13:00 in the Directors Box at the Carlos Tartiere. The event was attended by around 50 people in total. Jesús Martínez and Martín Pelaez got to know the General Sports Director of Asturias, Aída Nuño, the club sponsors including Oviedo City Council, some of the club's longest-serving season-ticket holders, including season-ticket holder number 1 Juan Serrano and number 5 José Antonio. There was also a vast representation of the APARO and Fondo Norte present. They also shook hands with Fernando, the captain of our Genuine side, as well as the captains of our B team, Under-19s, and Real Oviedo Femenino. President of Centro Asturiano de Oviedo, Juan Ramón González and Carlos Paniceres from the Chamber of Commerce were also there, as well as Director of Football Tito Blanco, and the Head Coach and first-team captains.
Martín Pelaez addressed those present, before presenting everyone in attendance with a personalised letter, with the wish to keep growing and walking together towards a bright future.