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Historic Recognition

The latest Real Oviedo debutants and first Real Oviedo Femenino players in history today received the diplomas marking their first matches for the club

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The Directors' Box at the Carlos Tartiere today hosted one of those acts which the club organises on an annual basis and which has become a tradition. The players who have made their debuts for the club this year were presented with a diploma marking their first competitive match. The act this year was a particularly special one following the women's side's full integration into the Real Oviedo club structure, with the Femenino players receiving diplomas for the first time.
Each player was presented with a manuscript by the club directors, on which appears their name, the date of their debut, and which number of debutant they are in the club's history since its foundation in 1926.
The players who have most recently made their Real Oviedo first-team debuts are:
928th - Leonardo Román Riquelme.
928th - Francisco Sebastián Moyano Jiménez.
930th - Mario Hernández Fernández.
930th - Paulino de la Fuente Gómez.
932nd - Alexandre Zurawski, Alemão.
933rd - Romario Andrés Ibarra Mina.
934th - Jaime Seoane Valenciano.
935th - Santiago Colombatto.
936th - Santiago Cazorla González.
937th - Diego Menéndez Secades, Dieguito.
938th - Jaime Vázquez Cuervo-Arango.
938th - Jonathan Dubasin.
940th - Marco Esteban Fernández.
Meanwhile, the Real Oviedo Femenino players debuted in the following order:
1st - Sara Serrat Reyes, Sarita.
1st - Gema Ginés García.
1st - Alejandra Moro Begega.
1st - María Iglesias Orviz.
1st - Rebeca Oliveira Suárez.
1st - Marina Crespo Iglesias.
1st - Abigail Quiroz Crespo.
1st - Ana Buceta Rodríguez.
1st - Nerea Sánchez Ruiz.
1st - Anja Eferl.
1st - Andrea Sordo Gutiérrez.
12th - Sheila Garrido Mauri.
13th - Laura Riquelme Jouanin.
14th - Elena Pradilla Aranda.
15th - Ana Menéndez García, Anina.
16th - Saray Vázquez Alonso.
16th - María Corbacho Carrera.
16th - Paula Martínez González, Pali.
19th - Grace Marie Walsh.
20th - Alicia Maestre de la Fuente.
21st - Denise García Rojo.
22nd - Helena Torres Máiquez.
The club also wished to pay recognition to the two team's Head Coaches. Luis Carrión is the 81st Head Coach in the club's history, while Andrea Suárez is the first Coach in the history of Real Oviedo Femenino.