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Double Visit to Schools in Oviedo

CP Santa Bárbara de Lugones was visited by players, while students at Internacional de Meres were given a talk by Javi Rozada

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The month of October has seen the return of the school visits which the club has been doing in recent seasons. These visits are not just to schools in the city, but also to institutions outside of Oviedo, as the club seeks to continue the growth of Oviedismo.

This morning it was the turn of Lucas Ahijado and Jaume, who were joined by Carmen and Alba from the women's side, as they shared affection and smiles with the pupils of CP Santa Bárbara in Lugones. The four players answered questions from the little ones and posed for photographs with them, in a visit full of nice moments.

In addition, the first-team Head Coach Javier Rozada visited sixth-form students at their school, Internacional de Meres, to give them a talk and also to pose for pictures with those in attendance, at what was his home for many years.

The coming weeks will see us continue with the programme of visits to different schools in Oviedo and the surrounding areas.