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David Costas: "Now for Alcorcón"

The defender has shown the team's hunger to produce a great end to the season, highlighting that "we are in form"

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Real Oviedo defender David Costas appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón today.
The team this morning returned for the first training session since Saturday's victory in Gijón, with the Galician stating that he was "very happy". He explained that "it was an important match, the derby, and Real Oviedo won. We are happy about it, but now we have to keep fighting."
The centre back was unable to feature against Gijón, due to suspension after having accumulated five yellow cards, but he travelled to the match with the team. He described that "I spoke to the Gaffer about it. I felt a lot more nervous, I'd never experienced it like that before. At the end of the day we put in a great performance. We were better than them and we got the three points."
Asked about Rodrigo Tarín's performance, David Costas highlighted that "it wasn't an easy situation. We put in a great performance and showed that we are in form. Rodri is a great player. I know him and knew that he was going to do well. We are in form and prepared for the run-in."
With respect to the controversy after the final whistle, in which several home players attacked Joan Femenías, the defender said that "it all happened very quickly. All of a sudden there was chaos all over the pitch. We didn't realise what had happened to Joan until they explained it to us afterwards. We haven't lost anyone there and now we have to think about Alcorcón. You could see the type of thing that was going to happen even before the match, when they didn't invite our directors to go, or if they did invite them they didn't do it in the best way, and nor did they do anything to help our fans to go. We did things in a different way. We are rivals but the rivalry has to stay on the pitch. We shouldn't keep talking about it, we have to think about Alcorcón now."
Finally, going into the final stage of the season and discussing the possibility of claiming a playoff place, David Costas stated that "we are hungry and excited about the prospect of achieving it. It's very important to go into each match only thinking about that match. Now for Alcorcón. People will think about it and say that they're already down, but they make things difficult for every team that goes there. We are thinking about ourselves. We have been doing calculations for a while, and now that it seems so close we know that it will be even harder."