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Dani Calvo: "Beat Ibiza"

The centre-back, who has previous experience of making the playoffs in the last match, points out that “you have to believe that you can achieve it”

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This morning the El Requexón Press Room hosted the press conference of Real Oviedo centre back Dani Calvo, as the first team returned to training.
With a few days having passed since the match at the Estadio Gran Canaria, the defender acknowledged that “the setback the other day was tough, but we are now excited and hungry. We are going into an important match this weekend. You have to believe that you can achieve it. (We have to) focus on Ibiza and then see what other teams do.”
The centre back, who has experience of reaching two playoffs in the final match of the season, pointed out that “I have lived through it other years and of course, I believe in it. I got into two playoffs at the last minute, and I hope this will be the third. We have to be focused on our match and do everything to beat Ibiza. We have to play with our heads.”
As for the results he expects at El Plantío and El Molinón, Dani Calvo reasoned that “the other teams are professional. I suppose they will want to say goodbye to the season with a good taste in their mouths. Draws are okay for them (Las Palmas and Girona), but we’re going to believe in Burgos and Sporting de Gijón.”
Finally, regarding the atmosphere that is expected on Sunday at the Oviedo stadium, with a good rate of ticket sales, Dani Calvo commented that “I have seen how the people are responding. That will be the key to victory. We have to start out intensely and at a good tempo. If we take the lead it may be difficult for them.”