Álvaro Cervera: The team is better than ever, but we aren't getting points

The Gaffer is expecting to face a Las Palmas side who press you a lot with quality players, while reasoning that the aim is to make them uncomfortable and then look to hurt them

Real Oviedo Head Coach Álvaro Cervera appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón today.
As has become the norm in his press conferences the Coach began by analysing the state of his team, ahead of the match in Las Palmas. "As of today we have nine absences, in Lucas, Mangel, Bastón, Jimmy, Javi Mier, Rodri Tarín, Montoro, Pomares, and Sequeira. Ángel (Montoro) just got injured and has changed everything completely. We had changed our way of playing with him, spending longer on the ball, but we will try to do something else and make the team work. It's an absence which hurts us, like they all do, but this one in particular affects us."
Regarding the possibility of involving Yayo, Cervera explained that "we have called him and Masca. I don't like to interfere with the B team, I believe that the young lads have to play. My belief is that it's better for them to play for the B team than to go with the first team and not play."
With respect to changes in the formation, the Coach stated that "I don't like changing, but there are certain matches in which you can do something different. They are a different team, who press you a lot with quality players. You have to do something different. It could be the day to make changes, yes. The aim is to make them uncomfortable and then look to hurt them."
Finally, regarding the team's recent improvement, Cervera highlighted that "it's a paradox that had never happened to me before. I am going to say something that, depending on the title you use, may leave me looking crazy: The team is better than ever. On the pitch we are better than ever, but we aren't getting points and we are in a difficult situation. If you don't watch the matches and you just listen to me then you will think that I am crazy, but it's my opinion. We have the points that we have. I would be a bad coach if, after playing how we did against Eibar, I told them that we are doing badly, but the reality is what it is. We don't have to change much. What we have to change are the results, but that is difficult."