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Ziganda: "People are telling us that it can be done"

The Gaffer highlights the excitement seen in Oviedo in recent weeks, assuring that "they are going to push us on even if they can't be there"

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Real Oviedo Head Coach, Cuco Ziganda appeared in the Press Room at El Requexón today, ahead of the team's final training session of the week in Asturias.
The next workout will be in Gran Canaria, where Real Oviedo will play the important match against Las Palmas this Saturday. Discussing that clash, Ziganda provided an update on his squad: “Pierre received a blow to the side. The area went dead and he lost mobility. It's not much, he's going to train and we'll see if we have him available. Lucas is still the same, he is touch-and-go. The rest are fine. I imagine they will have the bug that we all have, a positive one. We know the excitement that there is. You can see it this morning with the banner that we arrived here to. Whoever comes out of the match on top is expected to be the one who gets in (the playoffs)."
Regarding the atmosphere that is expected this weekend, Larrainzar reasoned that “we experienced a similar match recently at El Molinón. Different opponent, different players, different ground, but the atmosphere will be similar. From minute one you will see what we are playing for and we have to play like that. We are going to put in the best performance that we can. We are excited. People are telling us that we can do it. They are going to push us on even if they can't be there. You have to give your best."
Asked about the atmosphere in the entire capital of Asturias, Ziganda pointed out that “people can't resist the chance to give you encouragement. They can't resist because of the excitement. They are living it. There is a lot of atmosphere, and the way people live it is stimulating. They're getting their spirits back. There is tension, but they are welcome nerves”.
Finally, as for the opponent, Las Palmas, the Oviedo coach highlighted that “they play at a certain pace. They have good quality players, and they are going to demand effort and concentration from us. We have our own strengths and we have to combat theirs. They are a team that comes out with rhythm and freshness. They will be spurred on by their fans, but we have a team that can be trusted, that overcomes adversity. On Saturday we will turn up and show the team we are. If we lose it we would mean that we have much less of a chance of continuing playing right to the end of LaLiga, but if we win it then we would have a great one.”