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Updated Information for the 2021/22 Season-Ticket Campaign

In-person season-ticket renewal will begin in ticket booths at the Carlos Tartiere on Monday 2nd August, with different financing options available

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Season tickets for the 2021/22 campaign will begin to be sold in person on Monday 2nd August, after online season-ticket renewals became available last week. The FORM to complete online renewal will still be active in the coming days. The method has proven popular with many of our supporters, who will receive the season-ticket pass delivered to their homes, or will collect it in person, if they indicated that that was their preference.
As such, those season-ticket holders who pay by direct debit will be able to collect their pass in person from the Carlos Tartiere ticket booths from Monday 2nd August onwards. Alternatively, it will be delivered to the address registered in our database, or the one previously provided to us.
In addition, Real Oviedo would like to extend and update the following information with respect to aspects of the 2021/22 season-ticket campaign.
Real Oviedo season-ticket holders WILL BE ABLE to split the charge for their season ticket into three payments, without needing to use any banking institution and without paying interest.
In order to split the payment of your season ticket, the season ticket must be purchased in person at the ticket booths of the Carlos Tartiere. Season-ticket holders who pay by direct debit, or who have completed the online form, can visit the ticket booths in person or contact us directly if they wish to split the payment of their season ticket.
The season-ticket payment must be split into the following three parts:
50% upon renewal of the season ticket.
25% during the month of October (before 30th October).
25% before 20th December.
The option to split season-ticket payments will be available for all price categories, both when paying in cash and when paying by direct debit.
In the event of season-ticket holders who choose this option not paying the amounts due within the allocated time frames, the club reserves the right to cancel said season ticket, removing the holder's access to the Carlos Tartiere, as well as their season-ticket number and their seat in the stadium.
Despite the fact that this option was not initially explained at the start of the season-ticket campaign, the abono simpatizante remains available for the 2021/22 season.
Fans who select this season-ticket option, for a one-off payment of €30, will have the right to:
Simpatizante season-ticket pass.One match ticket, to be exchanged for access to one LaLiga SmartBank fixture in the Carlos Tartiere during the 2021/22 season, excluding Club Day. (Availability is limited according to the capacity restrictions put in place by the authorities).
10% discount on a series of products in official club stores.
Real Oviedo season-ticket holders will have free entry to all home matches played by the club's youth teams, including Real Oviedo Vetusta fixtures.
Access will be limited according to the capacity restrictions outlined by the governing authorities at any time.
SEASON-TICKET HOLDER CUSTOMER SERVICE: Where can I renew or carry out steps related to season tickets?
Season-ticket holders who wish to renew or make any changes to payment structure, etc. may do so in person from Monday 2nd August, at:
Ticket Booths in Gate 4 at the Carlos Tartiere (4 desks). Open Monday-Friday, 10:00-14:00 and 16:30-19:00.
Official Club Shop at Calle Caveda 22 (only 1 desk). Open Monday-Saturday, 10:00-20:00.
New customers who wish to purchase season tickets will be able to do so at both sale points from Monday 9th August.
If you wish to carry out your renewal online, the FORM for direct-debit payments is still available, and the club will attend season-ticket holders' queries through:
The email address[]Telephone number (+34)985215300