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Official Presentation of Jon Pérez Bolo

The new Head Coach expresses his “excitement and pride” upon joining Real Oviedo

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The Press Room at the Carlos Tartiere today held the Press Conference to introduce Jon Pérez Bolo as the new Head Coach of Real Oviedo.
Bolo was accompanied by the Club’s Director of Football, Tito Blanco, who thanked him for his willingness to join, highlighting “his complete commitment to coming here. We are very happy to have a coach with a track record of this quality, which makes us believe that we can achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.”
The new Head Coach then addressed the gathered media, stating that “it brings me excitement and great pride to be able to sit here today. We are coming here with great enthusiasm. We will work hard for the club, try to excite people with our work, and hopefully we can all be happy come the end of the season with what we have achieved. I thank the club for their faith in me, I know they won’t regret it.”
You can see the full press conference by following this link: