First Impressions in Training at the Tartiere

The team train at the Carlos Tartiere under the watching eyes of Oviedistas


11/08/2022 12:30

Training moved from El Requexón to the Carlos Tartiere today, as the Real Oviedo first-team squad continued working.
The players went out onto the pitch to the sound of applause from the fans in attendance at the open training session programmed by Jon Pérez Bolo.
The team worked out on the same pitch that will host the first league match of the season this Monday, when Real Oviedo face FC Andorra at 17:30. Training was watched by Jesús Martínez, who didn't want to miss the opportunity to see his side work out at the Tartiere.
After finishing training, the players and coaching staff travelled to Covadonga to attend the traditional mass ahead of the league start. The team will go back to work at 10:30 tomorrow at El Requexón.