ROV / Club / Carlos Tartiere Stadium



Carlos Tartiere Stadium is a rectangular construction that is 177.4×164.6 metres long externally. It has got one tower on each of its four corners, every tower is 20×30 metres wide and 12×18.5 metres high. They enable vertical communication and are topped by pyramid-like covers. The façades are divided at two different heights, open in a portico style where a blade-like design is repeated.

This is a building made of facing reinforced concrete and prefabricated concrete walls, whose treatment as noble building material has been specifically sought after by the architect who designed it.


The football pitch, which has got a north-south axis, it is 105×68 metres long with a minimal distance of 6-7.5 from the touchlines to the stands railing


“Every player from the academy must aim to play at Carlos Tartiere”